Home-made Mozartkugeln – a sweet symphony with a composition to stimulate your senses

Salzburg and Mozart – belong together! How about Mozart and chocolate-marzipan balls? They also belong together – since 1890 in fact! The Konditorei Fürst in Salzburg created these chocolate treasures a good 130 years ago, thus sweetening the lives of sweet-toothed people!So, I too can sweeten my loved ones’ day, I thought I would try my hand at these creations myself. Along the lines of: “Those who give joy, will reap joy“ - and at the moment everyone could do with a little bit of joy – plus it’s so easy :) And yes, of course I’ll get one or two Mozartkugeln myself, because you should always taste what you’re gifting ;)

Mozart would have certainly composed a special symphony for these chocolate-marzipan balls, as they are a harmonious treat which are sure to make your heart beat faster! So get cracking – and have fun making them yourself.


Prepare all the ingredients.

Form the nougat cubes to balls by hand and place them back in the fridge.

Finely grind the pistachios and knead together with the marzipan, icing sugar and Amaretto.
Now form the mass into a roll approx. 3cm thick and cut into as many pieces as you have nougat balls.

Lay a slice of marzipan dough in your hand, press flat, place the nougat ball in the middle and cover it with the marzipan dough.

Quickly form to a ball by hand and place back in the fridge again.

Melt the chocolate with the coconut butter and pour into a tall jug.

Using a fork dip the balls in the chocolate and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

If you wish you can decorate the balls with pistachios or white chocolate.

If they haven’t already been devoured, the balls keep in a box in the fridge for several weeks.

Photo credits: Katja Eggenhofer