“Holiday on Ice“ in Radstadt

As soon as the first candle is lit on the Advent wreath, we’re looking forward to the first snowflakes in Radstadt. On the one hand, it's that time of year again when you'd rather be warmly wrapped up at home on the couch, but on the other hand, you can also make unforgettable memories on these cold days. I’m always looking forward to cold winter days because I know that it won't be long before I put my ice skates on again. The natural ice rink in Radstadt is where I feel most at home in winter, it’s my very own special spot for creating unforgettable moments. The ice rink is open every year from Christmas to the beginning of March for all ice skating lovers, as long as the temperatures stay cold enough. What is particularly appealing about this ice rink is that the whole team is fully dedicated to creating and maintaining the perfect ice rink for guests and locals every year. This ice rink is prepared by hand every year and then maintained by machine. Daily quality controls guarantee the best possible skating experience.
The ice rink in Radstadt is hard to beat for a cosy and romantic atmosphere. Thanks to the long opening hours, you can skate to the beat in the evening against the backdrop of the historic town and with musical accompaniment. A small warm-up break with tea is also provided here. For newcomers to the sport of ice skating, the team of the Radstadt Ice Skating Club offers ice skating courses for all ages. As skating in Radstadt is done on natural ice, you should enjoy every minute, as natural ice does not last as long as artificial ice. So, pack your blades and head for the skating rink!
To really get going, you need the perfect skates, of course, and they've changed quite a bit over the years. Let's look back to the year 1498: it was in this year that ice skating was first given a boost by a pictorial representation. As soon as the first lake froze, people tied bones around their heels. They held a stick in their hand to be able to move around. Hard to imagine, isn't it? The variation of a wooden skate with an iron disc on the lower side almost resulted in a modern skate. Finally, an apprentice had the following idea: change the horizontal position of the blade to a vertical position, which resulted in the shape of the skate we know today.
To be honest, I have loved the ice since I was a child and I have my mum to thank for that. She took me by the hand every time she noticed that it was getting colder, and we were off to the ice rink. When I think back to how tightly I held her hand in the beginning because I was afraid of falling and now I can glide over it without any effort, I have to laugh a little. My biggest dream as a child was always to become a figure skater, because from an early age I always felt this sense of freedom as soon as I glided across the ice. Of course, I fell down sometimes in the beginning, but I learned quickly, and I am grateful to my mum for taking me skating at an early age.
I even like to be on the ice in October, which is possible in our area. Since Salzburg is not far from Radstadt, it's easy to get there by public transport. If the temperatures in Radstadt don't play along, I go to the artificial ice rink in St. Johann in Salzburg as an alternative. It's also open every day and can be reached quickly by car or public transport. Since I'm generally the type of person who looks for a bit of action in life, I find such relaxed moments on the ice simply wonderful as a contrast. Whether I'm standing alone on the ice or with my best friend, it's always an unforgettable moment that I look back on fondly. I am very happy that I was allowed to grow up in this region and that it gives me, as well as others, the opportunity to discover the love of ice. One tip that I used to get and that I think everyone should listen to is this: “Skate like nobody’s watching“

Opening hours of the ice rink in Radstadt

From Christmas until the beginning of March

Mon to Fri: 14:00 pm to 21:00 pm
Sat & Sun: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

photo credits: Creative commons, TVB Radstadt - Markus Rohrbaher, Huber Hans Photos, TVB Filzmoos - Lorenz Masser