Historic, exciting, Radstadt!

Three towers, a metre-thick wall, a garden full of wheels, many listed buildings and much more. But what is hidden behind the walls? On the "Historical City Tour" through Radstadt, or as it was called until 1270 Radestat/Rastat, you will find out what stories and secrets the countless sights hold.


In Radstadt you often read the name "Paul Hofhaimer", but who was he actually? Paul Hofhaimer was a very famous composer and organist of the 15th or 16th century. In Radstadt you will pass the famous "Paul Hofhaimer House", which was most probably the birthplace as well as the home of the family of the famous composer. The sgrafitto on the Hofhaimer House is by Erwin Exner, a Viennese painter who settled in Wagrain after the Second World War. His works can be found throughout the town. The Hofhaimer Fountain on Prehauserplatz, the Hofhaimer School or the Stone of Honour at the Town Hall, Paul Hofhaimer will never be forgotten by the people of Radstadt, because every year the cultural association "DAS ZENTRUM" organises the Paul Hofhaimer Days, a festival for old music and new sounds, in his honour.

Town walls

Despite the Peasants' Wars of 1525/26, a large part of the town's fortifications is still well preserved, and visitors and locals alike are always delighted to see them. The entire city wall as well as the three round towers, which, incidentally, had to be erected as a punishment by the unsuccessful besiegers of the city after the Peasants' Wars, are listed monuments. If you would like to admire the city wall in its entirety, you can walk around it in about 20 minutes. Our free audio guide will provide you with even more exciting information.

The 3 Towers in Radstadt

The Teichturm (The Pond Tower), the Kapuzinerturm (The Capuchin Tower) and the Hexenturm (Witches’ Tower) each have an exciting story to tell. If you want to find out for yourself what the secret behind each tower is, you can soon discover it at something exciting and new in Radstadt ;)

Town Parish Church

The Parish Church of Maria-Himmelfahrt will always remain one of the most beautiful sights for me. It reflects the entire history of the town, its building ethos, its people and its pastoral care. In the parish church, you can enjoy the silence or listen to the sounds of the Paul Hofhaimer memorial organ, newly built since 2004.The often fateful life of the town's population is still underlined today by the cemetery surrounding the church, where the Schusterturm, a Gothic light column, is also located. The "Eternal Light" burns in it. This "Eternal Light" is credited with protecting against wars, storms, diseases and epidemics to this day. This unity, the town parish church and the cemetery, is something very special for me in Radstadt and you shouldn't miss it either.

If you now want to know what- bike garden- Styrian Gate- Walk of Sports- and even more sightsare, we look forward to your visit to our little historic town.

Brochures for the Histroric City Tour and Millenium Trail are available at the Tourist Office Radstadt.

photo credits: Selina Althuber