Hiking consiously and breathing deeply

After a few years in the big wide world I’m finally spending a summer back home, in my lovely Filzmoos. Even though I’ve travelled to many beautiful spots on this earth, I still often yearned of my home and the mountains. I can hardly wait until it’s finally summer and I can conquer the mountain peaks around Filzmoos! Above all in this difficult yet unique time, I’m even more aware in what a promised land we are able to live in. A real luxury in the heart of unspoilt nature!

Consious hiking

The destination on a hike was a long time for me the alpine hut and a tasty snack. When I was young, hiking was not exactly one of my favourite pastimes. Yet in the past few years hiking has become really popular and today I see things through different year and head through the scenic landscape consciously. Mother Nature’s not quite ready yet, but I would like to tell you about some of my favourite tours, as at least you you can dream.

Hofalm relaxation area

The area called the Hofalm is a perfect starting point for many hikes of varying difficulty levels. As at the foot of the Bischofsmütze there stretches as wonderful hiking area. Whether gentle walkers or hikers, families or seniors as well as extreme sports enthusiasts and climbers – everyone’s sure to find their own “spot” in the beautiful Hofalm area.“There are not just many roads to Rome, but to the Hofalm too“ I’ll tell you all about my dreams and my favourite tours to the Hofalm.

Hofalm Nature Trail

A wonderful and idyllic footpath, which is also ideal for families. My absolute favourite tour is the Nature Trail to the Hofalm. For many guests this is their first tour after arriving in Filzmoos. I just love this route, as you can do an extensive hike or just for a “quick” Hofalm tour.

A resort with all elements

I start off from the Village Square in Filzmoos, along the road towards Hinterwinkl to the toll road. Just before the toll road I cross over the bridge to the right and follow the Leopichl access road a short way until just before a cattle grid. The Hofalm Nature Trail leads off to the left. At first I hike through the forest. In the cool forest in the morning my body gets going. At a gentle pace I head upwards and meet up with the path which leads behind the Wallehengut. From here I carry on alongside meadows and forest and reach the signposted footpath to the Hofalm. Every now and again I pause and conciously enjoy the peace and quiet and do a few breathing exercises, so that my body’s cells are supplied with fresh oxygen.

The first and most impressive view is the impressive Bischofsmütze standing at 2,458 m. And I have to say that this mountain oozes a very special energy. Almost at my destination the path forks – right to the Oberhofalm and left to the Unterhofalm.

I head off to the right towards the Oberhofalm past the „Meeräugl Spring“. I drink a sip of the fabulous spring water from the water trough in front of the Bögrainalm. The „Meeräugl-Spring“ has a long history and even a compelling legend. “If you wish to delve into my depths, I’ll gladly swallow you up.“, is a voice supposed to have said from this spring pool, as long ago two shepherds wanted to find out how deep the rock crevice was, out of which the water came. According to legend the mysterious spring doesn’t have a floor and is connected to the sea, therefore its name “Sea’s Eye”. Many people get their water from this spring, me too. It has an enormously high level of energy and said to have healing properties.

The Almsee Lake - a very special spot

Parallel to the gravel track a footpath leads over meadows to the Oberhofalm. From here I come onto the circular path around the Almsee Lake to the Unterhofalm. The idyllic mountain lake lies at the foot of the benevolent queen, the Bischofsmütze. With this fantastic view of the picturesque mountain range I feel I can recharge my batteries. The scenic and very popular trail ends for me at the Unterhofalm, where I’ve earned a reward. The Wanderbus runs from the Oberhofalm back down to Filzmoos.

For those, who like it more demanding: Path no. 31 via the Sulzenalmen to the Hofalm

Once again I start in Filzmoos heading towards the Hofalm. After the „Kenn i di“ bar I cross over a small bridge. The road leads up to the Reithof. I carry on, past the Rettensteinhütte, which is only open in winter. If you don’t want to walk along tarmaced road you you also take the Wanderbus up to the Rettensteinhütte. From the Rettensteinhütte an access road leads to the Ahornegghof. A short way past the Ahornegghof I hike along a forest trail through the woods, until I reach a clearing.

I stay on the Alpine Path no. 638 in towards the Sulzenalm. Thereafter it’s slightly steeper uphill, until you reach open alpine terrain. Past the Mandlingalm the path leads over wet marshland to the Krahlehenhütte. Along the narrow footpath I head up to the Sulzenalm.

Head up and come down

Savouring the fabulous views of the Bischofsmütze, Rötelstein, Hochkönig and in fine weather even the Grossglockner, I still get goosebumps. At the Wallehenhütte a hearty cheese platter and a glass of butter milk should not be missed. For the return route I take the Sulzenalm access road past the Löckenwaldhütte and turn off right onto the somewhat steeper red footpath. In wet weather, however, this path is quite slippery and there are lots of tree roots along the path. The footpath leads in windy bends downhill, until I reach a forest road. The last part is either a short detour off to the left to the Almsee Lake or left off to the Hofalm. From here I take the Wanderbus back to the village.

Take a deep breath....

a little exercise for you: breate in slowly through your nose and breathe out slowly through your mouth, with your lips nearly closed. Close your eyes and repeat the exercise a few times. The exercise ensures relaxation and is a  foretaste of whats awaiting you in the fabulous nature in Filzmoos.

Tips & Info: HERE you find hiking tours around Filzmoos

Photo credits: Coen Weesjes, J. Nottebrock, C. Sattler, TVB Filzmoos