High above the tree tops in the “Climbing World”

Today’s one of those days. I really want to experience something. But what? I’ve been hiking a few times recently and played soccer golf too. A mountain bike tour in the region that I’m unfamiliar with, is also hard to find. I know! I haven’t been climbing for a long while. So, I’m off to the KLETTER-WELT (Climbing World) in Wagrain-Kleinarl!In the Climbing World there’s plenty to experience. Pure action I would say. You should, however, have a head for heights. Here you’ll find attractions for a day out on your own or with the whole family.

Sports clothing, sports shoes with a good sole (non-slip is also to be recommended). Do you need anything special for climbing? – Oh, a pair of non-slip gloves, that’s the only thing, as I’m not used to constantly holding on to metal cables and so I don’t slip in wet conditions. Climbing equipment is available on site. I take something to drink and a small snack with me. Can’t do any harm.
Now there’s just one question: via ferrata, flying fox or high ropes course? Or all three? Oh well, I’ll look for something to suit my ability level. I rent equipment for the whole day, that way I’m flexible. The equipment consists of helmet, harness and via ferrata set. It costs € 15,00 for a half day and € 20,00 for the whole day.
Arriving at the car park of the climbing world, which is located right by the resort signpost for Kleinarl, I head onwards on foot. After around 15 mins. walk, following the signposts, high up in the forest, I come to the high ropes course and that’s where I get the equipment.
All those who have their own equipment, can get started on the high ropes course right away. I decide to start off with the high ropes course to get used to the equipment. Thank goodness I’m not scared of heights as the highest point is 15 metres high and there’s a secured jump from 14 metres. I’m sure to find plenty of action here for one day. I balance, swing and pull myself through 5 courses. Phew!, that’s more exhausting than I thought. As I watch the children I realise that’s probably down to me rather than the high ropes course. :)
After a short break and a snack, I pay a visit to a via ferrata. There are four different via ferrata in total. A, B, C and D, whereby most present a combination of the four difficulty levels. The via ferrata lead over or along the Peilsteinpalfen. I choose the via ferrata Kesselfall (B/C) and I round off my day at the flying fox course. The flying fox leads through Kesselfall gorge, where I swing 4x over the cascading waterfall. Nature close-up – here the bubbling water splashes you in the face.
Now I can really feel my aching limbs. My arms and legs are already looking forward to a hot shower and relaxing stretching exercises. Tip: try to take most of your energy from your legs and not to pull yourself up too much with your arms, they’ll thank you at the end of the day ;). The course ends with a long rope slide onto the reservoir wall – just lift your feet off the floor and glide over the Kesselfall. This feeling of weightlessness is simply great… I’ll be back!
By the way there are also guides which accompany you or a group of up to eight persons on the via ferrata. You’ll find details about the guided tours in the weekly programme. A private guide costs € 60,00 per hour.

You’ll find further information here: http://www.kletter-welt.at/index_en.php

Photo credit: Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus