Growing wild ...

Spring is my favourite season. Everything sprouts and grows. Everything is in full bloom. Every day there is something new to discover amid nature. And finally, the wild herbs that are so valuable for our health are growing again. Every year I want to get to know one or two new wild herb plants, so I always stop by the herb gardens in Wagrain-Kleinarl and in Filzmoos and am amazed at what I find there. I often use the weekend for long walks, where I immediately take my "lunch" home with me. Wild herbs grow everywhere in the meadows, such as ribwort, goutweed, stinging nettle or dandelion, and I think to myself that a wild herb soup is ideal for body, mind and soul when spring awakens. Just try it out!

Wash the wild herbs, shake them dry and chop them.

Cut the onion into small cubes and sauté in a little oil.

Cut the potatoes into small cubes and add to the onions and fry briefly, then pour in the vegetable soup.

Cook the soup until the potatoes are soft. Then add the wild herbs and cook for a short time. The shorter length of time they are cooked, the more minerals are retained.

Then blend everything until creamy, serve and decorate with the daisies.

Croutons go wonderfully with it.Please make sure that you only collect herbs that you really know. Enjoy it and enjoy the spring!

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photo credits: Salzburger Sportwelt