Fun and games - the new JO Adventure Mini Golf Course in St. Johann

Have you heard about the latest attraction in St. Johann im Pongau? You can test your skills with fun and games at the JO Adventure Mini Golf course.
After a construction period of less than 3 months (interrupted only by the snowy winter season), a so-called Adventure Mini Golf course with 18 holes was built on the grounds of the OPEN Golf Course St. Johann. What is the difference to conventional mini golf courses? The courses are not made of concrete or cement but are laid out with artificial grass.

Another special feature of the JO Adventure Mini Golf Course is that you don't simply play on standardised courses. No, all the stations were planned and designed around the theme of "Sights in St. Johann and the Pongau region". You will find miniature versions of the Pongau Cathedral, the Helix staircase from the Liechtensteinklamm Gorge, the Snow Space Salzburg cable car, the ski jump hill in Bischofshofen, the Matrashaus from the summit of the Hochkönig and many other sights. This is a fun way to discover the surroundings and get an overview of many attractions in your holiday region. That's ingenious, isn't it?

Planning and implementation of the course was a joint project with the Petritsch Family who run the golf course, the tourist board and the municipal council as well as the Bischofshofen Leader funding agency.

And how do you hold the club in your hand with the right swing? For right-handers, the guide hand is at the bottom of the handle, the index finger of the left hand grips between the little finger and the ring finger of the right hand and thus firmly encloses the shaft. The two thumbs point downwards, with the left thumb covered by the guide hand.A marking notch is visible on the club head itself. This indicates the direction of the ball to be played. The amount of force you use when playing depends on the lanes and should not be too tight or too loose. You will find out what suits you best during the game. Please remember: in order to avoid injuries, it is particularly important that the other players are not within the movement radius of the player. Therefore, they should always stay in front of the player.

Each hole at the JO Adventure Mini Golf Course is described on an explanatory board and, as with many things in life, there are different ways to reach the goal. At the last hole (Matrashaus) the ball disappears and the fun round comes to an end. If there are several groups on the course, you don’t have to play the holes in order - except for hole no. 18!Generally, the course is open from early spring, as all materials are frost-resistant. The course is also lit in autumn or in the evening hours, thus extending the opening hours.

Concluding summary - the course is attractive and fun and belongs on every to-do list.  Are you also looking forward to a round of adventure mini golf? Let us know your favourite hole. Post a photo of your game (don't forget the winning pose). We look forward to your comments.

More information about the JO adventure mini golf course in St. Johann you can find here.

photo credits: Nina Kraxner