From the Gerzkopf into the pan – home-made Salzburg blueberry gnocchi!

Do you know that feeling too? When I’ve spent the whole day in the office, in the evening I just have to get outdoors in the fresh air. Simply to switch off and clear my head.After work one day last week, I headed up the Gerzkopf mountain in Eben with my colleague Angi. On the way to the peak we came across lots of blueberry (or bilberry) bushes.

Lucky then, that quite by chance we had an empty lunch box with us and it was too hot to hike anyway – what else could we do, other than get our fingers dirty picking blueberries. And as I know just how to prepare a treat for my loved ones – there was blueberry gnocchi at home afterwards for the whole family.


For the blackberry gnocchi, clean and wash the berries and mash lightly with a fork.

Stir in the flour, egg and milk and work into a rather firm dough.

Heat the butter in a pan.

Use a tablespoon to shape the dough into dumplings and place in the pan.

Fry the dumplings for about 4-5 minutes, then turn them over and let them finish frying.

Finally, sprinkle with icing sugar, serve and of course - mhhh, taste!

Conclusion: “pick your own” berries taste best! On that note – feel free to try out this recipe for yourself: enjoy! ??

Photo credits: Stephanie Rettenegger