Flying Coach – the flying cross country ski instructor in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee!

I’m a passionate skier, but from time to time – and ever increasingly I enjoy skiing on my cross country skis along the extensive network of trails around Altenmarkt-Zauchensee. Compared to downhill skiing which I learned from a young age, I haven’t quite got the technique and therefore the necessary confidence, which is above all noticeable on the “downhill“ stretches. So sometimes, as a precaution and due to my lack of braking technique, I just sit down in the snow, combined of course with hysterical screaming. Such situations are funny yet somewhat embarrassing – and therefore today, I’m going to take the opportunity of picking up tips and advice from the Flying Coach, so that I can present a more elegant and confident picture on the trail.

Tips for the trail from the Flying Coach

The concept of the Flying Coach is as simple as it is ingenious. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am cross country beginner skiers can come to the starting point at the practice trail on the Rosnerfeld (opposite the schools). That’s where the cross country and biathlon instructor Roland Loipold starts off with a one-and--half hour taster training session. After a few warm up and balancing exercises he introduces you to the ABC of cross country skiing.  By the way, he’s easily recognisable in his red ski jacket with the Flying Coach logo on it. As Flying Coach, Roland endeavours to help budding cross country skiers to ski confidently without any pressure. He knows that even experienced alpine skiers need to get used to the thin boards., especially when going downhill. And I totally agree with him.

After the free training session Roland heads over to the practice slope with the participants. There he’s available along the trail as “flying instructor“, where you can talk to him anytime, if he doesn’t approach you beforehand with advice and material tips. That’s how it works. In a straightforward way he shows me various techniques and of course how I can brake properly. Whilst I try to implement what he’s shown me on the short practice trail, my “course colleagues” and passers-by also get tips along the trail. Surprising, how just a few tips help you to ski more effortlessly and quicker along the cross country trails. Although I previously found cross country skiing fun, it’s now even better to have “more confidence”.
If you’d also like to know how to best glide along the trails, how a “push off“ functions or if you wish to make an impression, because you understand what is meant by “dynamic balance”, then just pop by. Roland loves passing on tips and advice for budding cross country skiers - free of charge of course. I’ll definitely take up the opportunity again.

Tips & Info:

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am – 11.30 pm
Where:  Rosnerfeld (near the schools)/practice trail
Contact details: +43 664/342 85 70,

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Photo credits: Huber Hans Photos, TVB Altenmarkt