Float above the cross country trail and experience cross country skiing anew

My gaze wanders over the freshly groomed cross country trail and the snow crystals glistening in the sunshine. “Great conditions“, I think to myself and stop to reflect during my lunchbreak walk. The two cross country skiers approaching me, seem as if they’re floating along the trail. WOW, that looks like great fun!
I have to admit it’s been sometime since I had “thin“ skis on my feet. Normally you can see me in winter on cross country skis’ alpine relatives. Yet, just looking at the trail and the two cross country skiers my legs are itching and my desire to rediscover cross country skiing is ignited.
I’ve already pulled out my mobile: “Hi Kathi, do you fancy going cross country skiing?“, I ask my friend and a short while later I already have a cross country date for the following day. Now, it’s just a case of waxing my skis and the fun can begin :)

Tips und information:

  • The trail between Radstadt and Altenmarkt is perfect for beginners as it is very flat.
  • Access and parking are available at the Cross Country Centre or at the ski lift in Radstadt.
  • You don’t have time for cross country skiing during the day? No problem, in Radstadt there’s also a night trail! You’ll find more info
  • Throughout the whole of the Salzburger Sportwelt region there are 260 km of groomed cross country trails. Click HERE for the tour details.
  • HERE you’ll find a list of all cross country ski schools and rental shops.
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm the Flying Coach is on hand at the Cross Country Centre / trail access point (in front of the Restaurant Josef’s) for those interested. He offers personal cross country training for all ability levels, plus information regarding equipment and trail network.
  • Here you’ll find a blog article about the Flying Coach, who’s also in Altenmarkt.
  • Austria’s best cross country female skier, Teresa Stadlober, can also be seen on the trail now and again. She makes use of the top conditions in her hometown.
Photo credits: Radstadt Tourismus