Fat fun – girls’ fat bike tour to the Sattelbauer Farm

Long live variety, that's our motto when it comes to winter sports. We've already done plenty of skiing, tobogganing, backcountry ski touring and cross-country skiing this winter, so we girls decided to go on a fat bike tour this Saturday afternoon. The bikes with extra-wide tyres are really cool sports equipment. With a width of 4.8 inches and an air pressure of 0.5 bar, the special tyres make a bike tour possible in winter. It's quite a unique riding experience. After we picked up the fat bikes at the Fun & Pro Sportcamp at Space Jet 1, Rupert gave us a few tips. For example, when riding downhill it is important to stand up, bend your knees and hold the handlebars firmly. Before we set off, we had a little warm-up in the car park. Let's go! First off into the centre of town and then on towards the Sattelbauer, where our calves really get pedalling.
The tyres grip well in the snow, but the tour to the Sattelbauer should not be underestimated in terms of fitness, because there are quite a few curves and hairpin bends before we reach the mountain inn at an altitude of just under 1,300 m above sea level. There are about 5 km and 400 metres of altitude to climb from the centre of the village to our destination.

The weather is fantastic, and the view is a dream. Quickly take a few photos for Insta, after all we don't want to deprive our friends of this winter tip. From the Sattelbauer, you have a really beautiful view of the Dachstein and also down into the Flachau Valley.

Fill up your calorie stores: now for something sweet - the ‘buchteln’ (sweet yeast pillows) at the Sattelbauer are legendary and the cakes are also a delight.
Coffee and the obligatory Almspritzer (white wine, soda and cranberries) are an absolute must at a stop at the Sattelbauer.
We discuss animatedly how we are going to make the descent back to the valley. It's a matter of riding in moderation - not so cramped and slow, but not high-speed either, because after all the surface is not gravel, not asphalt, but fresh, white snow. Come and check out this biking experience for yourself, but we'll tell you this much: it's simply great.

By the way, you can also book the fat bike tour with a guide. You can find all the information at www.flachau.com/en/experiences

Equipment required:- warm clothing- sports shoes with good soles- a helmet- glovesWould you like to try fat biking or have you already done the tour? Link us with @visitflachau. We are looking forward to your experience report.

photo credits: Flachau Tourismus Gerald Oberreiter_Kathrin Kaserbacher