Escape Room was yesterday… The Secret of the Three Towers

Hello, can anyone hear me? I feel someone on the other side. Are you humans or just little squirrels?...
I'm bored, but the weather is too nice to just lie around at home. My best friend calls and asks if I've heard about the new Escape Game in Radstadt. After a quick resumé and short deliberation, I pack my things and head for the Tourist Office in Radstadt. At the Tourist Office, the important rules of the game are explained to us, we are given a leather bag and a glowing, talking crystal.

Our mission is "To save Radstadt!"

After the game starts, you can hear voices arguing with each other...well, my best friend and I don't think much and arrive at the first station. "Wow, it's dark in here," says my best friend. Above us, we hear footsteps and very strange noises all the time. After a while, a luminous book starts talking to us. Things just pop out of shelves, "this reminds me a bit of Harry Potter", I think to myself. "The most important thing for you is to save Radstadt," the book tells us. My BFF and I look at each other and know that we will succeed in this mission! ...we have to...

Us or the curse, which is stronger?

The first puzzle is at a Gasthof, where I usually only go to eat. But now my best friend and I have to solve the first puzzle of our mission there. After a good 15 minutes of thinking and a hint, we finally solved this puzzle. "Do you think the other puzzles are even trickier?" my bestie asks me, I just smile and say "Well, we'll soon find out". After the next station is whispered to us, we are already standing in front of the Capuchin Tower, which is home to the local history museum."The last time I was in there was when the Krampus exhibition was on," I say. "Let's hope the Krampuses aren't there anymore," my BFF says anxiously. Once inside, we go up to the first floor, where the Krampuses smile at us with frightening grimaces. I'm happy to see these creatures even in summer, but my best friend's smile fades pretty quickly. The bells ring and the Krampuses can suddenly speak and...phew, we made it out of the tower, that was another close call.

A few steps to the end

"What did they give you people legs for?" an unfriendly voice asked us. When we arrived at the next station, we had to think a little longer. "Wow, this puzzle is hard to solve," my best friend said to me. I also think about it for a long time, and it made my head hurt. Unfortunately, neither of us come up with the right answer and have to use a little more help. After a short walk, where we marvel at the beautiful old city wall, we have already arrived at our next game station. We both find this puzzle very easy, and it gives us another little boost of motivation.

Where the witches "bewitch"

"Hey, where are we?", my bestie asks me. A voice whispers to us "Wait down here, I have to make sure this isn't a trap". "I hope the witch doesn't come and get us", I say to my friend. So my bestie and I wait in this dark and also quite old building until we are called upstairs. We go up the wooden stairs and, on the way up we hear music playing. Three cabins, two lit up red and one white. We go into the cabin that is lit up white and a cloud of mist is already coming towards us. We start the game, and the music gets louder and louder, the light changes colour, we hear voices, there are only signs everywhere and then suddenly...

You'll have to find out for yourself what happens next and whether we were able to break the curse ;).Book your Escape Adventure now at:

I hope you save Radstadt and share your experiences with friends and family. Good luck!!!!!

photo credits: Radstadt Tourismus