Embrace the morning sun – sunrise on the Rossbrand

“There’s magic in every beginning“, Hermann Hesse wrote in his poem “Steps“ so aptly and there’s no better way to describe a sunrise on the Rossbrand and the start of a new day in Radstadt. It’s an unbelievably beautiful feeling standing on the peak and observing with your own eyes how the blood-red sun emerges from behind the Dachstein and a new day (of your holiday) begins. It’s certainly worth jumping out of bed early for this very special experience.

The early bird

Depending on the time of year and how – on foot, by bike or by car – you want to ascend the Rossbrand, it means setting your alarm clock exceedingly early. On the internet there are a number of sites which can tell you exactly what time the sun rises to the very minute and how long you need to reach the peak. Keep an eye on the weather forecast too, as clouds can spoil the view of the sunrise.

In my case, my morning went like this: at 03:50 am I manage to get out of bed after pressing the snooze button for the second time – I’m definitely not an early riser ??. I’m relieved that I packed my rucksack with snack the evening before. That certainly saved me precious time, which I could spend in bed – haha. For the ascent I decide on a compromise between tiredness and motivation – I drive around half the route by car to a car park and walk the rest of the way on foot. Those out and about on the mountains so early should not forget to take a headlamp, as particularly in the forest it’s pitch-black at this time in the morning.

Fruit tea and furry insoles

Wrapped up in a thick warm blanket with a cushion under my behind and a headband covering my ears, I then sit on a bench by the peak cross. My equipment also includes good walking boots with furry insoles and a thermos flask of hot fruit tea to keep me warm.

My mind wanders whilst the first daylight warms my face. Now at least, when the first rays of sunshine gently make their way to the surrounding mountain peaks, I realise that getting up early was worth it. Today I’m really lucky to have the peak all to myself. No matter whether north, south, east or west, the unbeatable 360° panorama of the surrounding mountains and down into the valley makes my eyes sparkle like diamonds. I remain seated for a short while as with such experiences time seems to stand still and it’s just the moment that counts. When I’ve processed these impressions somewhat, I unpack my jam sandwich and prepare myself for the homeward stretch.

Sunrise adventure

A sunrise tour is a very special experience – whether on foot, by bike, car or on a lift (sunrise trips are available in Zauchensee, for example), and well worth getting up early for. Many of you are probably already familiar with our local Radstadt mountain during the bright light of day, yet I can really recommend the adventure of a sunrise at an altitude of almost 1,800 m. Treat yourself and recharge your batteries with a good dose of morning sunshine! ??For all those who aren’t inspired to get up so early – the sunset on the mountain peak is (almost) just as beautiful ??

Bildnachweis: Julia Winter, TVB Radstadt