The Eder Bakery – happy rolls from free-range bakers.

On the way to school, I quickly grab a croissant and a chocolate drink. I open the heavy door of the local bakery in my home village and the smell of the finest baked goods wafts into my nose. I place my "snack money" on the counter, standing on tiptoe, and whizz off with my provisions in hand - a typical morning during my primary school days. And although I never went to the Eder bakery in Eben im Pongau as a child, I have this image in front of me every time I enter it. And a pleasantly warm feeling in my stomach.
Conveniently, the bakery is right in the centre of Eben and thus on my way to work. Today I get to look "behind the counter" - Ingrid Eder tells me about the history of the tradition-conscious business, the daily routine in the bakery, the daily business, and the family's favourite products.
The bakery has existed for over 65 years and was founded by Johann Eder from Annaberg. His father-in-law ran the Schilchegger bakery there. The idea was to open a bakery in the then flourishing village of Eben, where he also had family. On 2ndJuly 1956 the time had come - the Eder bakery opened its doors for the first time and since then has not only supplied the Eben population with daily bread and pastries, but also customers from neighbouring communities and guests appreciate the good craftsmanship. Between 1991 and 2020, the family's former "Musistube" was converted into a small café. In 1994, a fire destroyed the bakery. "When the fire broke out, a bus with Dutch guests was there. They immediately helped us move out chairs, tables, all kinds of things," Ingrid remembers. It was only six months later that the team together with her husband Georg could resume their craft. In the meantime, son Peter runs the bakery and, together with his brother Georg and employee Wolfgang, conjures up all kinds of pastries that are sold in the shop by Ingrid and daughter Eva.

Many of the recipes for the delicious baked goods are older than the bakery. Johann Eder took them with him from Annaberg to Eben, and his grandson Peter still uses them today. There’s no longer a bakery as such in Annaberg, and so the people of Annaberg also enjoy "bread like in the olden days". The jam croissants, raisin rolls, and the various types of bread are particularly popular. However, the absolute favourite of many customers and also of the Eder family itself is the "Kletzenbrot" - a bread made of dried fruits and nuts that is typical for our region. It is baked especially during Advent and is as much a part of Christmas for us as the Christmas tree and the manger. Biscuits in all possible variations are also inseparably linked to this time of year. Peter and his team start at midnight instead of at "just" three or four in the morning. "Sometimes customers ask us which machine we use to shape the vanilla crescents because they are so even. Then I call for my sister - our vanilla crescent machine," Ingrid smiles.

But it is not only at Christmas that there are specialities from the bakery: Young and old alike look forward to baked lucky charms for the turn of the year, fluffy carnival doughnuts, Easter lamb and chocolate bunny or the delicious cream horns at the Eben church festival. The Eder bakery also provides that special something for parties and celebrations such as Mother's Day, birthdays or christenings with cakes, pies or biscuits. Of course, bread and pastries should not be forgotten - what could be better than fresh bread, croissants, rolls, poppy seed plaits and the like for breakfast? Peter and his team always pay attention to the quality of the ingredients used: The bakery gets its flour from a Salzburg mill, and for butter and dairy products they use the SalzburgMilch range.

Besides the culinary delights, I am also fascinated by the shop itself. It is lovingly decorated to match the seasons and festivals. In the run-up to Christmas, for example, you are greeted warmly not only by Ingrid and Eva, but also by a life-size Father Christmas and lots of little gnomes. Around Easter, you might think the Easter Bunny himself has set up his workshop in the shop. All year round, you'll find sayings with the potential to make you smile in every corner. My favourite saying: "Happy rolls from free-range bakers". And just how happy the rolls really are, is something everyone should try for themselves.
What is your favourite pastry or bread from our region? Tell us in the comments! Mine is definitely the "Topfengolatsche" (curd pocket) ;).

Contact details bakery:
The Eder Baker
Hauptstrasse 101, 5531 Eben im Pongau
Tel.-No.: 06458 8102

photo credits: TVB Eben_Michaela_Jäger, TVB Eben_Lorenz Masser