Discover the scent of mountain pines – Mandlberggut in Radstadt

The Mountain Pine & Schnaps Distillery Mandlberggut is a beautifully situated place to visit and home of the Warter Family – who know all about the high-quality refining of local treasures. Here top-quality natural products and souvenirs are produced.

There are plenty of reasons for a trip up to the Mandlberggut in Radstadt, situated at an altitude of nearly 1,000 m. Three come to mind straightaway - the aromatic and highly-effective pine oil, the prize-winning schnaps and the heavenly cakes.

Katharina Warter is TEH-practitioner (Traditional European Medicine) and produces highly effective body care and natural products. The ingredients for which she gets from the forest and the meadows – including mountain pines as well as larch resin or nettles.
The Warter Family has special authorization to harvest the mountain pines high up in the Tauern. In one litre of essential mountain pine oil there are an unbelievable 400 kg of pine needles and branch tips. The small distillery can be visited on a guided tour.
The mountain pine oil from the Mandlberggut is the purest forest product you could imagine and it’s filled into small bottles here. The high aromatic oil unblocks respiratory passages during coughs and colds and is ideal for inhaling, for sauna infusions or baths. Rubbed on the skin, the oil boosts circulation, relieves muscle tension, back and joint pain and rheumatic complaints.

Tips & Info: You can find more information about the Mandlberggut HERE.

photo credits: Mandlberggut