Discover the “Power of the Trees“ – Wagrain-Kleinarl

In Wagrain-Kleinarl a newly-created nature trail is dedicated to the “Power of the Trees“ – it’s around 3 kilometres long and you can explore it by yourself. However, it’s more interesting and more fun on a guided walk with the woman, who conceived this trail.

The “Power of the Trees Nature Trail“ in Wagrain-Kleinarl is quite unique in Austria - along a length of three kilometres, 32 local deciduous and conifer trees are waiting to be discovered. Informative signs point out the characteristics and specialities of the trees, some of which have been standing for years and some newly planted for the nature trail. You should plan around three hours for the walk.

In the “Tree-Info-Hut“ leaves, seeds and tree discs are on display and you can test your gained knowledge with a tree quiz. There is also a sound station, seating and two resting places.
A very special experience is exploring the nature trail with the woman who conceived the idea and designed the trail - Christine Höller from Kleinarl is a graduate herb expert and tree specialist. On her guided tours “The Medicinal“ or the “The High Proof“, nature-lovers learn exciting background information and wondrous stories about trees such as the oak, the juniper, the birch or the ash tree. That trees – or parts of them – are edible, is proved by a refreshment stop afterwards at the Jausenstation Ennskrax’n. Here as a “tree snack “ elm rolls, spruce butter, forest guacamole or meadow cream are served. According to season, buds or leaves are used.

Tips & Info: You get more information about “The Power of Trees” HERE.

Photo credits: Pink Ink, TVB Wagrain-Kleinarl