Culinary 3 Mountain.Tour on an e-bike - a delightful tour for gourmets

My plan for today: Take a bike tour over three mountains. No, I'm not an extreme athlete, just taking advantage of modern technology. The three mountains are Altenmarkt’s  local mountains (Schlatterberg, Schwemmberg and Ameisenberg) and I will conquer them “with ease” by using an e-bike. I will have a leisurely dinner with one course per mountain, taking a relaxing break in each of the 3 mountain inns or huts, while admiring the alpine views. Everything is included in the price with the "Culinary 3 Mountain.Tour on an e-bike" in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee. The official start of the guided tour is every Thursday at 3pm from the tourist information in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, but I have already had my first experience on an E-Bike when I collected it. When you pedal off on an e-bike for the first time, there is quite a "wow effect". As if you were suddenly driving a sports car instead of a family car. The "sports car" for the tour is included in the €40 price tag, and can be borrowed in advance from Intersport Schneider in Altenmarkt.
Relaxed and with a smile on my lips, I start cycling shortly after 3pm with a happy group of 6 cyclists up 240 m of climb to the alpine guesthouse “Wia z`haus Winterbauer” on Schlatterberg. At the top, I feel like I have had a good warm up. Just the thought of how much harder I would have had to work if I had had a normal mountain bike, makes me smile. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the first course of our 3-course menu, awaiting us during the afternoon and evening ride. We are offered an organic cola herb shot with a wild garlic chimichurri, alpine herb sushi, spicy Annaberg herb, bacon and root mash served with organic garden chive quark, salted butter with lovage and sage. It tastes the way it sounds – fresh, organic and full of flavour! In addition, Altenmarkt stretches out below us and we get a wonderful view of the Lackenkogel and the Dachstein from the terrace.
Kurt, the tour guide is always on hand. He leads us downhill towards Reitdorf and along the Enns to the next ascent onto Schwemmberg. Along the way, Kurt takes short breaks to explain the surroundings and draw attention to special features. We spend about an hour on the road before reaching Reitlehenalm at 1.285m above sea level. We are driven onwards by the anticipation of the mountain trout with herby garlic butter, parsley potatoes and salad. We were even allowed to catch the trout ourselves from their own fishpond. But we opted for the more convenient option and just let them catch it and serve it to us.
The view from the Schwemmberg is a particularly exciting part of the 3 Mountain.Tour on an e-bike. You have the already conquered Schlatterberg in view and you can also see the next destination awaiting us on the Ameisenberg. So we set off again once more. Fortunately, of course, the third stage begins with a fun descent, problem-free thanks to the modern disc brakes. In about 45 minutes we are on the road and climb another 280 m, before we are warmly welcomed at the Bliembauer mountain inn. We all heartily agree with the landlord, when he says that we have truly earned the mountain cranberry pancakes at the end of the tour. I have also noticed, that although the climbs are easier to achieve thanks to the electric motor, that my legs are still tired and I'm glad that there is only one downhill ahead of us. For the moment I'm happy with my dessert and the new views out over Altenmarkt. Also, I can take a look back at the tour, because from here you can also see the two previous milestones. And to be honest - I'm rather proud of that.

Tips & Info: More information about the Culinary 3-Mountains Tour in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee

Photo credits: TVB Altenmarkt