Cross country skiing in majestic surroundings…

Anyone who’s ever skied on the high alpine trail on the Rossbrand, knows exactly what I’m talking about. This very special place on earth is well-known as a scenic gem for those in the know. Early in the morning I take the first Papageno cable car high up onto the Rossbrand mountain in Filzmoos. At the top, I first of all stop to take a deep breath, to feel the crystal clear mountain air. I just love it – up here on the mountain you can savour the peace and quiet, clear your head and leave your everyday stresses and strains behind you.

Warmed up and ready for the trail

Just looking at the glittering snow crystals on the freshly-prepared trail makes me want to set off straight away, however warming up before undertaking any kind of sport is essential. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into gentle or ambitious cross country skiing, you prefer diagonal or skating style – it’s important that you’re properly warmed up, so that cross country skiing really gives you pleasure, promotes your well-being, benefits your health and helps you de-stress.For this reason I prepare myself with a few warm-up exercises such as jumping on the spot, plus some gently stretching exercises to prevent pulled muscles. I also start off at a gentle pace and increase my speed slowly - as the respiratory passages have to get used to the cold air too.

Skating and classic cross country skiing

The high alpine trail is ideal for skating as well as classic cross country skiing. It winds along the mountain ridge climbing gently. I myself prefer skating style, but each to their own. As there are some uphill and downhill parts along the trail you should at least have a little previous experience. For beginners there’s a small, easy circuit on the Rossbrand.

Here the height makes the difference!

Due to its high altitude at around 1,600 m the trail on the Rossbrand is one of the most snow-sure trails in the region. The 360° panorama with a view of over 150 imposing mountain peaks makes my heart beat faster every time – it’s a kind of reward  after all that exertion.The Rossbrand also has plenty to offer all those that don’t like the feel of skis under their feet. You can also walk on footpaths alongside the cross country trails and savour the splendid views from the top of the mountain.

Infos & Tips:

Price information: Use of the high alpine trail is free, you just have to pay to travel on the cable car. The current price for a return journey is € 17,00 for adults and € 8,50 for children.

Refreshment stop possibilities: You can stop for refreshments either directly at the mountain station at the Schörgi Alm, on the route of the cross-country ski run at the Karhütte - a small, rustic hut - or at the newly renovated Radstädterhütte.

Photo credits: TVB Filzmoos, Anna Rettenwender