Climbing, shimmying, balancing ... head up to airy heights along JODYs tree course!

"Wow, that's cool," Ben (16) and Nick (12) exclaim almost simultaneously when they discover JODY's tree course at the Hahnbaum in St. Johann. The two boys from Hamburg are already eagerly awaiting their adventure in the climbing park, as for them playing between trees and branches means not only absolute action and maximum thrills, but above all pure fun. The fact that they develop their stamina and dexterity at the same time as strengthening their motor skills and self-confidence is an extremely pleasant side effect. At least that's what they admit with a smile.
It is also breathtaking how climbing has developed in recent years. On the rock, in the bouldering hall or in the high ropes course. Climbing is booming. Not least because climbing is challenging, fun and has long since established itself as a form of therapy for movement and joint dysfunctions. Climbing is considered a fountain of youth for body, mind and soul! The family-friendly tourism region of St. Johann in Salzburg, or more precisely the JO in Salzburg Tourist Association, the St. Johann Council and the Alpendorf Lift Company, also wanted to take advantage of this and set up JODY's tree course in the middle of the forest on St. Johann's local mountain "Hahnbaum" in super quick time for young and old.
When Ben and Nick look up at the start, they can't hold back. They climb, balance and shimmy through the four different routes and 30 stations. They jump daringly over bridges, rings, poles and other obstacles - all at heights of up to 20 metres. Fortunately, the trees provide them with wonderful shade on this hot day, because both climbing friends really work up a sweat. At the end, Ben and Nick are beaming. Everything went well! They were surely helped by JODY & JOEY, the wise owl and the cheeky squirrel, who guided them through the tree course.
TIP: Climbing enthusiasts don't need harnesses on JODY's tree course because a steel net ensures absolute safety at this airy height. What's more, use of the tree course is free of charge! The way there is via the hiking trail from the Forest Swimming Pool, St. Johann, Badweg 5, in the direction of the Motor Skills Park.

All further information about JODY's tree course can be found here.

photocredits: Tourismusverband St. Johann in Salzburg