Why Filzmoos is made for trail running? Part 2 😊

Filzmoos Trail Talk Part 2 - Ricardo Götschel

Hi Ricardo!
You are very ambitious in the Filzmoos trail running region.

What drives you, why do you run?

Trail running is simply running in the great outdoors. I really enjoy the sport as it not only works my leg muscles, but also my upper body muscles through the use of poles. And last but not least, it requires concentration and coordination. I enjoy the free and quiet hours in nature after stressful days at work. The change is simply good for you. Trail running doesn't necessarily have to be practised on a mountain peak. It's often enough for me to be out in nature and try out new running routes. I really appreciate living in my adopted home of Filzmoos and being able to pursue my hobby accordingly and without restrictions. At the weekends I often look for new challenges on alpine and steeper trails. Filzmoos' local mountain "Rettenstein" is one of them, for example.

What are your goals for the future?

For me, the experience of nature is paramount, and I want to enjoy it to the full. For me, every running session is a little adventure. The weather, trails and landscape are always different and give me a feeling of freedom. Nevertheless, I like to take the opportunity to compete with other trail runners. There are now a number of trail running events in Austria where you have the opportunity to test your own limits. Taking part in these events motivates me to train in a targeted way, but it's not the time but the experience that is decisive for me.
I am currently planning THE mountain challenge in Filzmoos for the second time, namely the 2nd Filzmoos Summit Run. I would like to run up several Filzmoos mountain peaks in one day. This year, on 31st May, I'm planning to cover around 3000 metres in altitude and 42 kilometres. (Filzmoos - Rossbrand - Gerzkopf - Sulzenschneid - Rettenstein - Filzmoos)
Click here for the tour: Filzmooser Summit Run
If you would like to take part in the 2nd Filzmoos Summit Run, you can register now: https://www.filzmoos.at/de/filzmooser-gipfelroas.html

Why is Filzmoos the ideal trail running region for you?

Trail running is becoming increasingly popular, which is not surprising given the many options in Filzmoos. The fantastic trails are not only perfect for hikers, but are also great routes for trail runners. Climbing enthusiasts won't miss out either. I really appreciate the mountain landscape in Filzmoos, as the routes of different lengths offer the right challenge for every mood and nature can still be nature.

How do you prepare for longer runs? Do you have any training tips?

When trail running, you can quickly go beyond your limits out of sheer euphoria. This makes it all the more important for me to pay attention to my own body and listen to it. For a few years now, heart rate monitors have been helping me to control my training and therefore the intensity of my runs so that I can get the best out of my body. I complete 90 per cent of my runs in the basic range. This means approx. 60 to 70 per cent of my maximum heart rate. When preparing for a competition, I can sometimes run a little faster. However, the most important thing is to enjoy trail running.

In the winter months you can find me on the Filzmoos cross-country ski trails. I particularly enjoy being on the Rossbrand. The high-altitude trail offers ideal training preparation for the summer months.

Which trail running routes can you recommend for beginners and advanced runners in your favourite running region in Filzmoos?

There are some really beautiful trails in Filzmoos. I particularly recommend the following two.

Tour 1 for beginners
Title: Small Filzmoos Circlular Run
Distance: 8,01 kilometres
Altitude difference: 311 metres
Duration: 1:30 hrs.
Link: https://www.filzmoos.at/de/touren/kleine-filzmoos-runde-fuer-einsteiger.html

Tour 2 for experienced trail runners
Title: Circular tour around the Rettenstein
Distance: 22,87 kilometres
Altitude difference: 1.323 metres
Duration: 5 hrs.
Link: https://www.filzmoos.at/de/touren/rettenstein-umrundung.html

What equipment do you need for trail running?

Depending on the length and duration of the route, I adapt my equipment accordingly, such as my running shoes to suit the terrain. I also need an adjustable running rucksack, foldable running poles, breathable running clothes, rain or wind protection, a first aid kit, headgear/buffs, gloves and plenty of fluids. These are the items that I always have with me and are part of my basic trail running equipment.

On a long run, what do you carry in your rucksack?

I choose the size of my rucksack depending on how long my run is planned to be. The longer the run, the more food and equipment I need and therefore I logically take a larger running rucksack. For shorter sessions, a simple running belt is often sufficient, where I can stow my mobile phone and a foldable cup.

Essential for me are two drinking bottles with 500 ml of water or energy drink each, small energy snacks such as bars, additional clothing depending on the weather, always a small first aid kit (incl. rescue blanket), mobile phone with waterproof protection and, if necessary, a pair of trail running poles. I prefer lightweight or foldable poles. Don't forget some money for a refreshment drink at a mountain hut!


Have you already registered for the Trail Running Camp in Filzmoos?

- 2nd Filzmoos Peak Run 2024
- Trail Running Camp Filzmoos
- 22nd – 25th August 2024
- Package “Trail Running Camp“ 2024
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photo credits: Ricardo Götschl, Angela Jäger_filzmoos.at_coen_weesjes