Tom, a "lift operator with a passion"

A working day at Filzmoos Lift Company with our Tom

Here in Filzmoos, Tom is not just a cable car attendant, or "Liftler" for short, but already a local legend. His manner and sense of humour have made him a popular face in the village.

This morning I meet him in the valley at the Papageno cable car where he unbuckles his skis and greets me cheerfully with his warm "FIONIII Guuuuuten Moooorgen" (FIONAAA Good morning). He has just finished his morning piste check. So, piste check means skiing early in the morning, before everyone else, is part of the lift operator's job? Exactly!

So, what does a lift operator's working day in Filzmoos actually look like?
Tom's daily routine is characterised by a variety of tasks, all of which are aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of the cable car. In addition to operating and maintaining the lift, his list includes accident recovery as a piste rescuer as well as regular cross-country ski trail checks and piste checks. I meet Tom during this morning piste check and accompany him on the Papageno cable car back into the sunshine on the Rossbrand.

During the cable car ride, we enjoy the fantastic view of the surrounding mountains (the Bischofsmütze, the Dachstein and many more) and pistes and realise how much we enjoy working and living in Filzmoos. Tom says what is also going through my mind: "How lucky we are to be at home and at work in one place and to experience this view every day, which others go on holiday for."

Once at the top, everything is prepared for the guests, snow is shovelled, if necessary, the cross-country house is checked, benches and deckchairs are put out, because the mountain station of the Papageno cable car is a great place for sun-seekers; if it shines.

As soon as everything is done and a coffee is prepared, the first skiing, cross-country skiing and hiking guests arrive. Now it's time to be attentive. The skiers and cross-country skiers are helped wherever possible and a friendly greeting for everyone is a must. The lift staff in Filzmoos are known far and wide for this!

The work routine not only includes ensuring the safety of passengers getting on and off the lift and friendly words, but also the constant monitoring and operation of the lift itself. Fortunately, not necessary on this day, but an important part of a lift operator's job is also piste rescue. If something happens on the piste, someone has to go out and provide first aid and rescue. Tom also spends a lot of time travelling with the skidoo, whether it's to check the cross-country ski trail or for piste rescue. So it's a multifaceted job!

Luckily for our Tom, working on the Papageno cable car is more than just a job - it's his passion. His ability to inspire the guests, whatever the weather, and to always spread a good mood while not neglecting his duties to ensure that everything runs smoothly is worth its weight in gold!

After the winter season, our Tom travels all over the world, often promoting our ski resort and the Salzburger Land region ;-) He is also very active on social media and is busy promoting his employer!

As I make my way back down to the valley and say goodbye to the view of the Bischofsmütze and the Dachstein, one thing is clear to me: Tom is not just a passionate skier, but a true ambassador for our beautiful home town! Would you like to meet Tom at work or simply visit the wonderful slopes in Filzmoos? Here is the right accommodation for your holiday in Filzmoos.

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