From A for Altenmarkt to Z for zing

2 souls, 7 locations and 12 churches. And they are as individual as you and your bride or groom. And every bridal couple will find the right place of worship for their wedding in the Salzburger Sportwelt: large or small, Catholic or Protestant, majestic or modern.

Parish Church in Altenmarkt

The church in Altenmarkt is an ensemble. This is because the property includes St Anne's Chapel, the Lourdes Chapel, the Market Chapel, the Fir Chapel as well as the Dechanthof and the Dechanthofstadel. Its long history and architectural features are exceptional:

The people of Altenmarkt first built their church in Gothic style and later remodelled it in Baroque style. The tower with its onion-domed roof catches the eye. And the richly decorated interior with elaborate altars, paintings and wood carvings is sure to impress all wedding guests.

Parish Church in Eben

The young church in the Salzburger Sportwelt has been shining in its splendour since 1950. Somewhat elevated on the edge of the village, the church towers above Eben. With lots of wood in the interior, it is a simple antithesis to the sometimes majestic other churches in the neighbourhood.

Pilgrimage Church in Filzmoos

The straight-lined exterior with its massive tower and pointed spire lends the Pilgrimage Church in Filzmoos a late Gothic Alpine charm. And the “Filzmooser Kindl” (Filzmoos Child) - a late Gothic image of grace - dispenses its blessing in a graceful and miraculous way. For the bridal couple too.

The Catholic Church in Flachau

On a small hill, the Catholic Church in Flachau looks out over the village. Majestic, as befits a wedding in the Salzburger Sportwelt. And the interior is also majestic:

The altarpiece by court painter Johann Michael Rottmayr depicts Mary with a wreath of 12 stars around her head. The moon is also at her feet and angels surround her. In this single-nave Baroque church, the altar normally takes centre stage. Except for weddings.

The bride and groom take centre stage.

Parish Church in Kleinarl

Would you like to say "I do" in a modern church? Then take a look at the parish church in Kleinarl. Two late Gothic bays are still preserved there and in 1984 and 1985 the people of Kleinarl extended their church according to the plans of architect Heinz Tesar. Modern, simple and beautiful.

Protestant Church in Radstadt

"Call, accompany, move, inspire, invite, integrate, deploy, become one" - that's what it says on the website of the Protestant church in Radstadt. Fitting for a wedding, isn't it? This church of God is the Protestant Church for the Enns Pongau region, meaning the Salzburger Sportwelt.

Capuchin Monastery Church in Radstadt

The Capuchin Monastery Church in Radstadt is partly attached to the town wall. The fortified walls of the abandoned town castle still protect this striking, tall building today.

Loreto Church in Radstadt

The Pilgrimage Church “Maria Loreto ob den Lerchen” in Radstadt enchants with its sense of beauty and combines faith, nature and architecture. Together with Lerchen Castle, it forms a picturesque whole.

Roman Catholic Parish Church in Radstadt

All good things come in fours, and the Roman Catholic parish church completes the marriage quartet in Radstadt. This church combines the medieval architectural styles of Gothic and Romanticism. And you can never have enough romance at a wedding, can you?

The Pongau Cathedral in St. Johann

As a landmark of St. Johann, the Pongau Cathedral towers above the town. The mighty location, the 2 towers and the impressive interior give your wedding everything that makes it majestic: grandeur. Grace. Trust in God.

The St. Anne’s Chapel in St. Johann

And in contrast, you can get married in the St. Anne’s Chapel (right next to the gigantic cathedral) in a small circle. With around 50 seats, you'll get everything you need for a wedding in the Salzburg Sportwelt. And the best part: Both Catholic and Protestant weddings take place in St Anne's Chapel.

Parish Church in Wagrain

Early Gothic with a regotised interior and a Baroque side aisle, hand-painted marble and a Madonna with rays from the Vorpach period (mid-14th century) - the parish church in Wagrain is a meeting point of different styles - and will bring you and your partner together.

How to book churches for weddings in the Salzburger Sportwelt

Have you found your favourite church to get married in the Salzburger Sportwelt? Perfect! Then all you need are answers to the most important questions when you get married.


Yes, choose your favourite church and get in touch with the responsible parish office in good time.


Contact the respective parish at least 6 months before your wedding. A year in advance is better. Sometimes the dates in the parish churches are very well booked - especially in the popular wedding months. It is best to contact the parish office before you finalise all other dates, service providers and locations.


The priests in the Salzburger Sportwelt usually look after several parishes - that's several churches. If you call the parish office in your desired location and plan a wedding there, you will also be given the name of your parish priest 😊.

Z stands for Zing on your special day

Only one thing remains: Have fun choosing your favourite wedding church in the Salzburger Sportwelt. Get married and say yes to your soul mate! May you remain happy, cherishing and inspiring together.


You can find more information about the Salzburg mountain wedding here.

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