Hit the slopes safely in the Snow Space Salzburg

Unfortunately, accidents on the ski slopes are inevitable. In order to reduce the number of accidents, good skiing and snowboarding skills, but also personal responsibility and consideration for others are of great importance. Correct and considerate behaviour on the ski slopes is an important part of a safe skiing day and can already lead to the avoidance of a large number of accidents.

As in road traffic, there are also rules on the ski slopes. These are set out in the FIS piste rules. In order to further sensitise guests at Snow Space Salzburg to the topic and to prominently remind them of the most important rules before and during the ski day, we have teamed up with skiing legend Hermann Maier and produced an explanatory video.

You can also find an overview of all FIS piste rules here:


Innovative piste rescue system

If an emergency does occur, every step must be perfectly orchestrated and professional medical care must be provided quickly after a skiing accident. This is why Snow Space Salzburg has had a customised piste rescue system in place for several years in cooperation with the Red Cross.

The rescue system consists of several components, in which the cable car piste rescue team with its trained paramedics plays the central role. In addition, an emergency paramedic from the Red Cross is on duty on each of the three mountains, who can take the first immediate emergency medical measures in the event of serious injuries before the emergency medical team arrives, in consultation with the doctor rushing to the scene.

The piste emergency call in Snow Space Salzburg is managed by the Red Cross. If an emergency call is received via the number 144, the Salzburg rescue coordination centre takes over the coordination of all rescue teams. The location of the injured guest is located via mobile phone and forwarded directly to the piste rescue team on site via radio link. On average, it only takes three minutes from receipt of the emergency call to the arrival of the first emergency services at the scene of the accident.

Activities for piste adventures/controlled environment, learning to ski

There is a wide selection of ski schools in Snow Space Salzburg so that skiing skills can be consolidated and practised in the best possible way. In addition, the youngest skiers can make their first turns in the snow in Wagrainis Winterwelt at the middle station of the Rote 8-seater gondola lift in Wagrain and test their speed for the first time at the Mini Speed Check. The newly designed Snowpark Alpendorf offers a funcross course, a parallel slalom, a beginner line with 3 kickers, butterboxes and tubes, a medium kicker line and a jibline. This allows the first tricks to be learnt on controlled terrain and important skills to be strengthened.


So, you see, winter sports are the most fun when you're well prepared. And we also do our best to ensure your safety in the snow. In the event of an emergency, we will take measures to ensure that you are looked after quickly and well. Nothing stands in the way of your next active holiday in Snow Space Salzburg - welcome!

photo credits: Snow Space Salzburg