Enjoy a picnic without packing the basket - Rent a picnic in Radstadt

"It’s going to be really nice and sunny this weekend, shall we do something?" my friend asks me. "You're right, it's going to be quite warm, why don't we make the most of it and go for a bike ride followed by a picnic?" I reply. "Yes, good idea, but wait, where can we get a picnic basket?" he asks me in surprise. "Just you wait and see, darling," I say to him with a grin.

We get up at 9.00 am, get our things together and head off to the Tourist office in Radstadt. If anyone is wondering why we went to the Tourist Office, I'll explain in the next blog, but first a question: who actually came up with the idea of "Rent a Picnic"?

Radstadt town marketing came up with this great idea. Wolfgang Walchhofer is a member of Radstadt's town marketing team and is one of the members who prepares the tasty contents for the picnic baskets. Depending on the season, Wolfgang adds regional and seasonal food and drinks to the basket, as well as a few little extras. This idea appealed to the Radstadt Tourist Board and as we offer a package deal and bike hire, the Tourist Board also got involved in the "Rent a Picnic" project.

picnic enjoyment of all kinds

You should therefore order the picnic basket or rucksack of your choice at least 24 hours in advance. This can then be collected from the Tourist Office at any time by prior arrangement. There are a total of 4 different types of baskets, with something tasty for everyone. Those who don't own a bike but would like to go on a bike tour before the picnic can borrow an e-bike from the Radstadt Tourist Office from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and public holidays, we will provide you with the e-bikes at the pre-arranged location. For special occasions, the town marketing team will be happy to arrange a special occasion basket for you, such as an engagement basket 😉.

Hiking picnic on the Rossbrand

In the office, my work colleague Marlene handed me the picnic basket straight away. We decided in favour of the delicious “Peak Snack” basket. My boyfriend attached the basket to his bike, and I quickly borrowed a bike as I don't have one myself. P.S.: For anyone who doesn't have a pannier rack on their bike or would rather go on a hiking tour: You can also take this picnic in a rucksack. "So, we've got everything, thanks Marlene, see you later," I say to her. "Hang on, have we got any cutlery?" my boyfriend asks me. I just smile and say, "Everything’s in the basket darling". Our cycle tour then takes us to our local mountain, the Rossbrand. After about an hour of cycling, we reach our destination. We decide to look for a sunny spot on the summit plateau, unpack the picnic blanket we had brought with us, and enjoy the warm rays of sunshine. When we open the well-earned picnic basket, we immediately see some delicious treats. "Well done Wolfgang," I think to myself.

We enjoy the wonderful summer day and the marvellous picnic and stay at the Rossbrand for a while.

At around 2.00 pm, we pack everything up again and make our way home. My own experience showed me that the
"Rent a Picnic" campaign is a great excursion or gift idea. My boyfriend and I will definitely do it again.

Would you also like to experience an unforgettable picnic where you don't even have to pack a picnic basket? Then book your picnic trip with the whole family or your friends HERE and enjoy the time together 😊.

P.S.: You can also get a voucher from us at the Tourist Office and surprise your loved ones with it.


Attention Attention:

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