Enchant your family ski holiday with magical moments - the bag of tricks is bubbling with children's highlights on the slopes

Abracadabra, hocus pocus - your child has to learn to ski now. That's your goal for the perfect family ski holiday? Doesn't work, does it?
No problem! The ski instructors on the slopes of the Salzburger Sportwelt will enchant your child with their skiing skills. It's no witchcraft in the family ski areas!
Give me 5 minutes of your time and you'll find out everything about the children's highlights on the slopes in this article:

- How children learn to ski through play
- Which magic land magically attracts them
- How to make your wallet happy

Better to learn to ski at ski school

Honestly, your children are like other dwarves - they absorb knowledge more quickly when someone inspires them. Like-minded people inspire them. It's the same with learning to ski:

Ski instructors have a magic bag full of ideas.

All the children in the group get a taste of it - and learn to ski quickly and playfully. What are you waiting for?
Ski schools and ski kindergartens are the best choice - for a family ski holiday without the hassle.

Affordable offers for your family ski holiday

The lift companies really go all out for families. They offer ski pass prices for families and children that will spare your wallet:
Junior Weekend Discount: Children and teenagers save up to 35% every ski weekend.
Mini's Week: every January, little skiers up to around the start of school can treat themselves to ski lessons, ski hire and a 6-day ski pass for Ski amadé at favourable prices.
Easter Family Special: Mid-March until the end of the season is your family savings time - all children ski for free (from the 6-day ski pass, at least one parent buys a ski pass for the same period).
Family bonus: Generally, every third child and all younger siblings ski for free.
Young family card: Families with a small child pay for one adult - mum or dad take turns whizzing down the slopes.

Click here for prices and age regulations of the family promotions.

Insider tips for ski holidays with children

The pistes in the Salzburger Sportwelt are mainly one thing: wicked.

I admit.

Normally I'm a racer - up and down, up and down. Stop off at the hut. Up and down again. All day long. Nevertheless, I was inspired by the children's highlights. I took the time to scrutinise the offers on the slopes. And yes. I may have tried out the odd ski jump, whizzed through tunnels and given the high-five figures a stunning handshake. With my height of just over 1.60 m and my colourful ski suit, I'm sure nobody realised that I don't normally belong in the Kinderland. 😉

You can experience something at monte popolo in Eben

Funny characters watch your children skiing. The button lift takes kids quickly to the top of the Kinderland. Monti, the mascot, sends the piste racers on a journey into the animal kingdom - into mystical forests.
If you meet Monti on the piste, he will conjure up a gift in your hands.
You can then marvel at your works of art in the fun park on video - capture the moments at the photo point at the mountain station.

The monto popolo in Eben casts a spell over you with 6 kilometres of slopes - easy to navigate for young and old.

Highlights for a family ski holiday in the Radstadt Altenmarkt ski area

A 6-metre-long speed boost, waves, steep turns - in the "Playground Snow" fun slope, you really step on the gas to keep up with your children. They whizz through the children's ski park - and don't even realise that they're whizzing down one vertical metre after another.

Afterwards, the beginner's park magically attracts the piste artists:
The little ones jump big on 2 kickers and 3 boxes.

Learning on a skiing holiday with the family? Yes!

In Fichtelland on the Hochbifang, children learn interesting facts about the forest and animals while skiing. Following in the footsteps of the Fichtel, they can easily pick their skiing skills out of a hat.
17 snow-sure kilometres of pistes on the Radstadt-Altenmarkt ski circuit let you take your turns on the piste - without losing sight of the children.

Skiing with children in Filzmoos

Blue, red, black - you'll find your favourite piste in the Filzmoos ski area. Whether beginner, advanced or pro.
The little piste magicians conjure up their first turns on the perfectly groomed pistes. Little woodland bumps and hills make it even more fun.

With 20 kilometres of pistes, your children won't get lost - so enjoy your skiing moments in Filzmoos.

Fun, fun, fun at the Family Run

Exactly. There's (almost) nothing more to say 😉 - except that my inner child is whinging about being an adult.
19 stations on the Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl inspire snow bunnies with their Crazy Dolls. Don't forget:

At the start of the ski day in Kleinarl or Flachauwinkl, pick up your participation card at the ticket office. That way you can conjure up a reward for yourself in the evening. Still not enough skiing fun?

Then crack the number code in the treasure hunt, chill out in the Sun House or marvel at the Crazy Dolls - a horde of colourful animals - in the ski area.

Family ski holiday in Snow Space Salzburg

The magic carpet is just one magical treat in Wagraini's winter world, check out the:

- Tyre carousel
- Tubing track
- Dwarf house
- Kids Speed Check
- Kids Beginners Snowpark

The Kidsrun in Flachau makes skiing an experience for children. They learn the next trick in the Funslope Wagrain. There, 30 obstacles await the snow artists.
Dive deep into the world of legends along the Alpendorf Devil's Route. Krampus, witches and Pongau legendary creatures will whisk you away into the secrets of the legends.

The Kinderland in Zauchensee works faster than any fairy's magic

Zauchi's Kinderland playfully entices the little ones into skiing. The magic carpet, button lift and conveyor belts get kids to the start of the practice slopes in no time at all.

Learn to kick, collect airtime and test boxes at the Familypark on the Rosskopf. Professional shredders transform the slopes into tricks. And you?

Adults are also enthusiastic about the beginnings of a jumping career - even if the big kickers might ruin your knees. Once you've got the hang of it, you and the kids can head to the snow parks in the Salzburger Sportwelt.

No more frustration and screaming children - conjure up your perfect family ski holiday

You don't need a magic wand - the ski lift companies in the Salzburger Sportwelt have everything ready for you:
Perfect pistes, whizzing chairlifts, cool children's areas. You relax, your children relax, your family ski holiday is relaxed.
Your ski bunnies will soon be whizzing down the big slopes with lots of fun and magic. And in the ski courses, the young skiers will forget they're learning anyway. Because:

Magic equals will times imagination minus doubt.
(Andreas Tenzer)

photo credits: Christian Fischbacher - Filzmoos Tourismus, TVB Eben - O´Mans, Lorenz Masser, Bergbahnen Zauchensee - Christian Schartner, TVB Radstadt - Lorenz Masser, Bergbahnen Zauchensee - Nadja Jabli, Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus - Sportalpen Marketing