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Head up to the Lackenkogel

Hey, how many of you, just like Laura, Gerald and me, love to feel the fresh Alpine air and put your fitness to the test at the same time? We'd love to take you with us on our tour up to the 2,051 m high Lackenkogel, which is also one of our absolute favourite peaks in the region because of its fantastic views.

Getting started on two wheels

We set off from the Flachau Tourist Office, which is located in the centre of Flachau. On our e-bikes we take the route "SW 31 b+c Sattelbauer-Lackenalmen", where we first cycle on tarmac and then along a forest path with a very pleasant gradient to the Sattelbauer mountain inn. From then on, however, it gets a little more challenging, as there are a few tough sections along the ascent to the Lackenalmen. But thanks to the e-MTB, even these are easy to master.

And, as we pedal through the area, we get closer and closer to the spectacular mountain scenery, which is simply perfect for recharging your batteries.

After we have parked and locked our bikes - there is also a corresponding facility at the Lackenalmen where we can chain our bikes with the padlock, we have brought with us - we continue on foot. The ascent to the summit of the Lackenkogel is a bit of a challenge (you should have a head for heights), but absolutely worth it. Once at the top, we are overwhelmed by the breathtaking 360-degree view of the Enns Valley and the surrounding mountains such as the Dachstein, Grimming, Sonnblick and Grossglockner. We take a moment to savour the view and relax.

Pure nature experience

Our tip: One of the coolest aspects of the tour is the unspoilt nature around you. Keep your eyes open and your camera at the ready, because the photos you can take here are totally Instagram-worthy.

Chilled out finale

After conquering the summit and enjoying the panorama to the full, the trail leads us back along the ascent route to the starting point.

In between, of course, we stop off at the Sattelbauer, where we reward ourselves with Susi's legendary giant buns, which we have more than earned. You should allow 4-6 hours for the entire tour including breaks, depending on how fast you are travelling.

Why this tour should not be missing from your "bucket list" for this summer

Combining biking and hiking not only offers an amazing nature experience, but also the chance to explore the landscape around the Lackenkogel in a really cool way. Perfect for anyone who wants to work off some energy.
Got the urge? Then pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots and get on your bike and off you go.
We're already looking forward to your Instragram posts, preferably with #visitflachau. See you soon in the mountains - it's going to be awesome!


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Our shoe recommendation:

We wore so-called approach shoes on our tour, as these are light and not too stiff for biking and provide good grip when hiking.

photo credits: Flachau Tourismus - Gerald Oberreiter