Along the “Path of Good Wishes“ through the forest of Flachau

Hiking frees your spirit and inspires your senses - that’s certainly true when you’re surrounded by a beautiful landscape. In Flachau the “Path of Good Wishes” invites you on a contemplative stroll through picturesque forests and meadows.
Benedictory wishes and sayings accompany hikers and strollers along the “Path of Good Wishes“ in Flachau. The six kilometre long walk, which starts right in the resort centre of Flachau and is suitable for families, takes a good one and a half hours. At the start of the walk, visitors have to pass through a wooden door, leading over the threshold into the forest. And from here on it’s time to let go of your everyday life and concentrate on the small things nature has to offer.
The path leads through the wonderfully scenic natural landscape around Flachau. Meadows straight out of a picture book, enchanting root formations, romantic tree-lined passages and mystic wooded areas create the backdrop for this gentle up hill and down dale walk, quietening your thoughts, grounding and relaxing you. The wishes on the  signs along the edge of the path invite you to stop and reflect.
Hug a tree, peep through the telescope or sit on a bench on the edge of the path – just do whatever’s good for you. Often it’s these mental signposts that bring us back to our senses in the in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Namely, to focus on what’s really important in life. Wonderful parallels to your own life can be drawn from the themed path in Flachau.

Tips & Infos: HERE you can find the information where the tour starts exactly.

Photo credits: Verena Buchsteiner