ALLES ALM – the perfect place for families, fun & nature

Our mountain world is packed full of natural sights and hiking experiences. A special gem is ALLES ALM – a family adventure hiking trail, where children and adults can playfully learn about nature and life on the alpine pasture.   

This probably sounds familiar: you wake up in the morning, the birds are singing merrily, and the first rays of sun are fighting through the curtains into your bedroom. And the best thing is: it’s Sunday! The thought pops into your head, that today would be the ideal day to undertake a short hike with your family. Everyone’s excited about my suggestion and our little one straightaway says: “Mummy, please let’s visit Flecki.“ I have to confess, I have to think for a moment – oh yes, Flecki – the cow at ALLES ALM on the Gnadenalm. Our son remembers exactly the fun hike we did there last year.

After breakfast, we're off. Pyjamas off - hiking clothes on & the cute little cuddly toy Flecki under his arm. Tobias has never been so quick at getting dressed ? After only a 10-minute drive from Radstadt, we are already there. In front of us is a dreamlike alpine landscape, no noise and not a cloud in the sky. Let's go!

Before I give you a short insight into the many different play stations, one thing first: You are really looking forward to the day, the time together with the family and hope to give the children a good day. At first, the children are highly motivated and almost run away from you. But after a short while they say: "Mum, when will we finally be at the hut?" or "Mum, I'm never happy to go. Let's be honest - you've probably experienced this too, haven't you?

It's different here. Every time we drive up here, our son is as happy as a lark - there is no whining and he happily walks from station to station, where we learn true events, curiosities and interesting facts about life on the mountain pasture, about nature and the numerous animals. But of course - the most important thing for him is that he can let off steam at the stations, although short breathers are not to be missed. Here is a small insight into the stations:

Marmot building, cow-spot jumping mile & Co.

Bored children? Not here! Children can move around to their heart's content, balance on the oversized rake and scythe and crawl into the marmot burrow to visit the marmot family.

They can put their skills to the test on the cow-spot jumping mile: There are two routes - either the dark or light cow-spot jumping tiles. On command, both players try to reach the target on their jumping plates. The first player to ring the cowbell at the finish line is the winner. Of course, a rematch is not to be missed!

Before returning to the starting point, a great alpine water playground awaits the children. This is where the kids really get going, because now they are the "kings of water". At the beginning, the children can pump the water into a trough and then use sliders to guide the water into the different wooden tracks. At the end, everything flows back to the ground and they can have a family duel with the stones to see whose thrown stone splashes higher and splash around forever more.

St. John's waterfall - a look behind the curtain

If you haven't had enough yet, you can make your way to the Johannes Waterfall. The water plunges over 60 m into the depths in front of you. The impressive natural spectacle is particularly fascinating because a path leads behind the waterfall - if you dare, you can walk behind the curtain of water and take sensational photos.

Themed rest areas & Alpine delicacies

Between the individual sections of the hike that are suitable for prams, you can always relax at cosy themed rest areas, enjoy the magnificent view and recharge your batteries for the next adventure.rustic alpine huts along the family hiking trail invite you to linger. The dairymaids serve a hearty Brettljause (snack) with homemade butter, cheese and hearty farmhouse bread.

What did you like best about ALLES ALM? Send us a snapshot afterwards to with #allesalm. We are also looking forward to your pictures!

Tips and info:

There is also an exciting alpine quiz - it's worth taking part, at the end of each summer 10 winners are drawn from all the correctly completed puzzles sent in, who can look forward to great prizes.

Location: Gnadenalm (10 km from Radstadt in the direction of Obertauern)
Walking time: approx. 2 hours
Admission: Free of charge
Suitable for prams
Open from May to October

Photo credits: Julia Scharfetter