Aerothlon - The beginning of a story

Summer, sun, sweat. Like every event, the Aerothlon has a story surrounding its beginnings. But today, it’s not mainly about this story. Well, you’ll get a short insight anyway. The Aerothlon is a sporting event that combines paragliding, mountain biking and speed hiking and was originally though up by Pablo Lopez Garibai in Malinalco, Mexico. By organising an Aerothlon, Pablo wanted to attract paragliders to his restaurant "Despegue & Grill". This brilliant idea has grown and has also reached our region of Wagrain-Kleinarl.
But how did the Aerothlon actually get here? Together with Paul Guschlbauer, Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourism brought the event to Austria. The competition consists of three stages, which have to be mastered on foot, on a bike and in the air. The entire route can be mastered alone, in pairs or in threes, as a solo, a tandem team or a relay team.
But enough about that. Paul, who is Paul and why is he an important part of this event? Paul is an extreme sports athlete, or rather a Red Bull athlete. Actually, Paul is simply just Paul. He prefers to share his ideals, regardless of his athletic achievements, and rather wants to infect others with his enthusiasm than present himself as a brand idol. With enthusiasm for sport and nature, he wants to combat deficiencies in society. For example, things like joy, communication, community, a connection with nature and much more.
The period before the event is packed with appointments and organisation. Paul has to, no MAY, go here, here and oh yes, there too. But he does it all with joy and has the big goal in mind - the event day itself. Please note – get out your calendar: The Aerothlon will take place on 28th August 2022 ;). One thing is certain about this day. It lets us experience heroes with whom we empathise, suffer and celebrate with. A very special day for all athletes and also for all fans and spectators.

Are you now curious and in the mood to join in right away? Of course you can and the registration process is already in full swing. As already mentioned, you can concentrate on your strongest discipline or disciplines. So, if you are already a pro and do everything on your own, what are you waiting for? Are you an enthusiastic mountain biker and speed-hiking, especially uphill, is super easy for you, then look for tandem support for the third discipline. If you want to concentrate on one sport, then you would fit perfectly into a relay team.

Yes, finding teammates is not always easy. But we have already taken care of that,and you can register in the athlete partner exchange. It's like online dating, but for those who want to get high ;). So you're sure to find your perfect partner and one of the most exciting adventures of your life can begin.


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Photo credits: Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus / Philipp Reiter / M_K_Laroid / Morepikzz / simon-varges / tobias-margreiter