A chat with ‘living legends’ in Flachau – “Now at last, the three of us can meet on up skis“

Ski over the 12 most beautiful peaks and 5 valleys between St. Johann/Alpendorf via Wagrain, Flachau, Kleinarl and Flachauwinkl to Zauchensee. New from this season, the new Panorama Link Cable Car combines the two Snow Space Salzburg and Shuttleberg ski areas and makes possible, what winter sports enthusiasts in our region have been waiting for.
The long-awaited connection was the perfect occasion for the three most well-known Salzburg ski legends Annemarie Moser-Pröll from Kleinarl, Hermann Maier from Flachau and Michael Walchhofer from Zauchensee to get together for a public chat as part of this year’s AUDI FIS Ski World Cup Women’s night slalom. We were present at the talk, which took place under strict COVID safety regulations and can let you in on the highlights.
“I was able to watch the project develop and now the three of us can meet on the mountain on skis from home at last.“ Double Olympic winner Annemarie Moser Pröll sums up the main advantage of the new ski connection and the downhill champion adds “Skiing from A bis Z, from Alpendorf to Zauchensee, thanks to the Panorama Link, is made possible quickly and easily and unites us even more as a region.” Hermann Maier, who tested the new cable car on the day of the talk for the first time, raves about the fantastic view during the journey: “As the name of the cable car suggests, you can enjoy a splendid view on the way of the surrounding mountains and further afar.”
The three regional ambassadors were also in agreement, that anyone who has the opportunity to go skiing now, should definitely do so, as the conditions are near to perfect. At the end of the talk, the three ski idols philosophised how long they would need to ski the 12 peaks and 5 valleys and agrees to try it out, as soon as their schedules allow. We’re curious to hear how that went and we’ll let you know in due course.
By the way, here’s a list of the 12 peaks, which you can cover on you day’s skiing between Alpendorf and Zauchensee:
  1. Gernkogel, 1,787 m 7. Topliner Berg, 1,980 m
  2. Hirschkogel, 1,755 m 8. Family Berg, 1,793 m
  3. Sonntagskogel, 1,850 m 9. Mooskopf, 1,980 m
  4. Spathkogel, 1,813 m 10. Rosskopf, 1,929 m
  5. Grafenberg, 1,702 m 11. Gamskogel, 2,188 m
  6. Griessenkar, 1,890 m 12. Tauernkar, 1,890 m
  And here are the 5 valleys:
  1. Salzachtal
  2. Kleinarltal
  3. Ennstal
  4. Zauchtal
  5. Taurachtal

The ski legends do it - try it out too: The 12 Peaks Tour is a sporting challenge that you can complete in one day - but you can also enjoy it spread over individual days. As proof that you have completed the challenge, have your runs tracked by Skiline and collect the trophy afterwards! How does it work? HERE you will find the information.

Tips & Info: You’ll find information regarding the new ski connection and detailed portraits of the ski legends here: www.heartofskiamade.at
Photo credits: Snow Space Salzburg