A bird’s eye view of Flachau

To fly like a bird – that was always my dream. Have you ever tried to imagine what it would be like to fly and to see everything from above? Head up the mountain on foot? Anyone can do that. But to fly down with a paraglider, is very special feeling. For a good two years now, I’ve been practising this hobby and I enjoy every second I’m able to spend in the air. I got my flying licence at the Austriafly Flying School in Werfenweng and to date I’ve had around 130 flights. I pack my chute, phone my friends and the adventure can begin. Together we hike up high to the Lackenkogel with our equipment.
At the Lackenalmen we make a short stop to enjoy the fabulous panoramic view and to collect our strength for the last climb up to the peak cross. A good old chat on the way up is also not to be missed. The time passes quicker and we’re already at our destination.

When we reach the top, we congratulate each other on arriving safe and sound and after a group photo at the peak, we savour the fantastic view of the surrounding mountains. As I’m often out and about in the mountains I know them quite well. For example, in a north-easterly direction you get a great view of the Dachstein, the Mitterspitz and the Torstein, in the foreground you can see the Rossbrand with its radio tower. Somewhat to the left you can see the Bischofsmütze. Those who know what they’re looking for can recognise the Hochkönig, Grossglockner and many other well-known peaks such as the Ankogel, the Wiesbachhorn, the Sonnblick or the Faulkogel from the Lackenkogel.Suddenly a voice tears me from my thoughts “the wind‘s definitely coming from the west”. Therefore, we search for a starting point that’s facing west. The anticipation of flying down increases by the minute. Each flight is something special and fascinates me again and again. And even though I’ve flown from the Lackenkogel several times, it’s different each time. The Lackenkogel is an ideal hike & fly mountain. In winter for a gentle glide down and the rest of the year you can spend several hours in the air, as you can often reckon with thermal releases and the peak slope is well suited to soaring when there’s enough west wind.

We unpack our chutes, put on our harnesses and get ready for the start. The thrill before each flight is palpable today too.
A short wait for the right wind and then it’s time to go… and we have lift off.

Your body is flooded with endorphins and you simply feel free, far away from your everyday life and you can enjoy the view over Flachau. We all sometimes wish that time would stand still, just for a moment. That’s exactly how you feel when you’re gliding high in the sky and enjoying life. Suddenly you notice different things altogether, which you’ve never noticed from the ground. Flachau’s grown in the last few years, there are more and more new houses and hotels. Here and there you can see a playground and the many swimming pools in the gardens of houses, that you didn’t even know about before.

If you make a turn with your paraglider, everything looks different again. The next view falls on the Griessenkareck and the Saukarfunktel, one of the 7 summits of the Salzburg Summit Game. Heading on towards Flachauwinkl you get a wonderful view of the Benzeck and the Faulkogel. If you turn further to the left, your view glides further over the Lackenkogel to the Rossbrand and in the background the impressive Dachstein range.

Whilst marvelling at the fabulous view you shouldn’t let the ground out of your sights, as you are steadily sinking and you mustn’t miss the landing spot. Therefore, a quick glance below to estimate the height.The birds flying alongside. The wind in your face and the sun’s rays, which bewitch our countryside. Simply beautiful. “Home is simply the best.”One more turn and my feet touch the ground once again. What a great experience. Wonderful moments, which stay in your memory for a long time. Simply being happy and being able to live amid such a fabulous mountain landscape. I’m looking forward to next time already.

Tips & Info:For all those, who now feel like gliding high above Flachau and observing the resort from a different perspective, here are the contact details for a unforgettable paragliding tandem flight:

Almlust Aktiv
Tel. +43 (0) 6457 31958
Air Tandem
Georg Mühlthaler
Tel. +43 (0)664 5213882

photo credits: Kathrin Kaserbacher