A baked apple recipe to sweeten any evening on the sofa

Snowflakes flutter down from the sky and the darkness is drawing in. That really puts me in my “I’m going to cuddle up on the sofa and not move a muscle” – mode. But somehow something sweet would be good! Damn, I haven’t got anything in. My eyes wander through the lounge, past the fireplace to the cupboard, maybe there’s something sweet hiding somewhere. Hey, what’s that behind the fireplace? My baked apple baker. A baked apple, yes of course! Just the thing. I have a quick look in my cupboards – apples, walnuts, cranberry jelly… Just at that moment, the doorbell rings and my mum’s standing on the doorstep with a bag of chocolate-covered marzipan. Perfect, just what I need for my baked apples. And as she doesn’t have any other plans, so I invite her in for a baked apple and a cup of tea.


Wash the apples and remove the core with an apple corer or a knife.

Place 2 walnut halves in the apple (so that the hole at the bottom is plugged).

Then put the chocolate-covered marzipan into the apple.

Now fill the hole with cranberry jam and drizzle with walnut oil.

Now the apple goes into the oven or, as in our case, into the roasting apple roaster.

Depending on the size of the apple, it now needs about an hour in the oven at 180 degrees.

Finally, drizzle again with the walnut oil if desired and enjoy the apple while it is still warm - simply delicious!

Photo credits: Katja Eggenhofer, Andrea Zuljan