7 tips for your family holiday - without any hiking at all

You’re looking forward to your hiking holiday. But your children don't want to go? Not in the mood for the third mountain pasture in a row? Are they already making a fuss over breakfast? But you still long for relaxing summer days. With great adventures with the whole family. Lots of feel-good family time. It's good that you're in the Salzburger Sportwelt. Because with the cool range of activities for the kids (yes, parents can be kids too) you'll all find the fun you need. Hiking is waiting (possibly for a few years...). And no, these adventures are not a compromise.

Munch, crunch & nibble: picnicking in JoSalzburg

Is there anything better than a picnic? Packed full of delicious things that make life happy....No, you don't have to pack it yourself. You get a nice picnic basket filled with the tastiest food JoSalzburg can find:From organic sheep's milk yoghurt to sausages, from oven-fresh bread to vegetables, from juices to spreads that melt so delicately in your mouth that you'll feel like you're on picnic cloud 9.Beach feeling on the Salzach, tranquillity in the fountain park or at the river picnic area (yes, also possible on the mountain, as I promised...) - you decide what you treat yourself and your family to in addition to the delicacies.One quick call the day before is all it takes to tempt your loved ones to munch, crunch & nibble. Click here for your picnic experience.

Unravelling the mystery of the "3 Towers" in Radstadt

In Radstadt you will be captivated by the riddle of the 3 towers. It's like an Escape Room - only better. Because you'll be puzzling your way through the whole town. Through the whole town.The future of the town is in your hands.Is that enough of a challenge?You can do it with logic and teamwork. And believe me, children are often much quicker and more skilful than us adults. They go about things in an easy-cheesy way. And we get bogged down in the simplest tasks. Why do I know that?Because I was lousy at it. And I'll spare you the details ;).Please sign up in advance to get your slot. Here's the link to your adventure.

Change perspectives in the Altenmarkt Adventure Forest

Up high and flying down. In the Altenmarkt Adventure Forest you can overcome your fears. Outgrow yourselves - together as a family. On the climbing course.There are 3 different courses to enchant you. Each at a different height - so you can get to know the forest from above.And while you're out and about, treat yourself to the zip lines. The Flying Foxes. The long zip wire over the Zauch stream feels particularly screaming. It's an adrenaline rush. For me, it's just stomach-churning at high-altitude.Here you can climb into the adventure forest and find out all the info.

Baubles with a difference: Bubble Soccer in Flachau

Are you thinking about Christmas right now? Of thick snowflakes? Maybe a hot punch to go with it? No. Not this time.With bubble soccer in Flachau, your kids will certainly no longer think about a hiking holiday that bores them to tears. You slip into human-sized baubles - huge inflatable balls. Then you play football.Sounds easier than it is. Play in the ball with a ball. And hit the goal. That is, if you can still see anything at all from laughing so hard. Roll onto the football pitch here and train your laugh muscles - don't forget to book in advance!

How to shoot your way to family happiness with a bow and arrow: archery in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Above, below, next to. That means 3D, doesn't it? At least for me ;).The 3D archery course in Wagrain-Kleinarl is home to 12 3D animals. You aim at them with bow and arrow. The best part?The animals live on after the shot. They are ready for the next shooters. Professionals aim at the animals' "kill point". So, the point where real animals would die in the hunt. I settled for the animal....Natural obstacles, differen-sized targets and varying distances enhance the experience. And you'll feel like your primal Europeans who used to hunt with a bow and arrow.Shoot yourself into family bliss here - so completely without hiking - with archery on the 3D bow course.

From a moaning I-don't-like-more-hiking to I-am-hiking child: visiting alpacas in Eben

Ever since my trip through South America, I've loved these fluffy creatures. Incredibly fine, the wool nestles against the body - whether as socks or jumpers. There's no comparison to sheep's wool.At the Alpakahof Königshof in Eben, the animals feel right at home - alpacas, that is. And you surprise your family with these beauties. Every Wednesday, you go to the farm to see how they process the wool and make some souvenirs to take home.Yes, I know. I promised. Unfortunately, I can't keep it now: on Mondays you go hiking with the alpacas. It's an easy hike, though. You only need good shoes. And the kids forget that they're hiking:They pet them, they guide them, they unwind.And even on us adults, alpacas exude an unbelievable calm. From the outside in. Click here for your fluffy seduction.

Horsepower, princess feeling & paradise trip: horse-drawn carriage rides in Filzmoos

Spend the day in Filzmoos on a horse-drawn carriage ride: Noriker, Haflinger, Friesian or grey horses take you and your family from the centre of the village to the Hofalmen. The most beautiful 2 horse-power trip in a long time.Fields, meadows and trees slowly pass you by. You inhale the finest mountain air, listen to the clatter of hooves and feel like a princess for a moment. Stop!Why only for a moment?Suck it up as long as you can.Oh, and the experience takes you to up to real alpine pasture. Without any hiking. Namely to the Unterhof or Oberhof alpine huts. Try out something savoury at one and something sweet at the other.Book your horse and carriage ride in advance. All information on prices and the contact details of the horse whisperers can be found here. I'm now outing myself as a hiker. The fun stuff was really fun - but still a challenge. Try it out. It's so nice to be a kid. PS: The time will come again when children look forward to hiking. When they appreciate the babbling of the stream. When they soak up the purest mountain air. When they willingly go up a mountain. I speak from experience here ;).

You can find more information about family vacations in the Salzburger Sportwelt here.

photo credits: Familie Hoelz, Tourismusverband Radstadt, Tourismusverband Eben, Harmls Aparthotel, O´MANS, Mirja Geh, Shutterstock, jnottebrock-und-csattler, Christian Schartner

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