7 alternative winter sports activities in Wagrain-Kleinarl – enjoy nature to the full

You’ll find the best of what the mountains have to offer in Wagrain-Kleinarl. And not just on the slopes of the Snow Space Salzburg and the Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl, but also amid unspoilt nature plus a wonderful winter landscape. What are you waiting for? So, it’s time to wrap up warm and head off into the fresh air. Those looking to enjoy a winter holiday in a different way have come to the right place in Wagrain-Kleinarl. A number of activities await or maybe just unwind amid nature. Your winter holiday couldn’t be better.
In this article you’ll learn lots of interesting facts about cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, winter walks & tobogganing, backcountry skiing, ice skating, horse-drawn sleigh rides and the Wasserwelt Wagrain Adventure Pool.

1 Cross-country skiing

Have you ever swapped you solid downhill skis for those thin cross-country skis? Feels completely different. So free, light and unstable somehow. Cross-country ski boots are also a lot lighter. And getting into your bindings takes practice J. But practice makes perfect. The local ski schools offer cross-country ski lessons. There you’ll also get tips on how to improve your cross-country technique. Cross-country skiing is a full body sport – whereby you strengthen your muscles from head to food and train your balance at the same time.

In Wagrain-Kleinarl you’ll find trails groomed in skating and classic style. Eight easy and medium-difficulty trails totalling a length of 26 km await you. A picturesque highlight is the Jägersee Lake trail in Kleinarl. This leads from the Ployergasse or the car park near the resort sign in Kleinarl along a route of approx. 6.5 km, climbing around 130 m elevation gain, to the idyllic Jägersee Lake. This natural paradise charms visitors in winter with its beauty. Throughout the whole of the Salzburger Sportwelt there are a total of 260 kilometres of trails available.

2. Snowshoeing - enjoy nature to the full

The first time on snowhoes feels really strange. Whew! But after a few steps you get used to the wide positioning of your feet and off you go. As regards equipment, you only need warm winter clothes, Saturday shoes, snowshoes and poles for snowshoeing.<table><tbody><tr><td width="296"><table width="100%"><tbody><tr><td>Schneeschuhwandern © Christian Schartner</td></tr></tbody></table></td></tr></tbody></table>Step for step you stomp through the unspoilt, glistening natural snow. Breathing in the fresh mountain air and savouring the peace and tranquility.

3. Winter walking & tobogganing - fabulous natural experience with fun factor

Simply relax. The snowy winter landscape glitters in the sunshine. Winter romance awaits you along 20 km of marked winter footpaths. Combine a winter walk with a fun toboggan run. The 6.5 km long ascent to the Kleinarler Hütte is long forgotten once you’re at the top. Stop for a mug of hot tea and off you go. Whizz back down on your toboggan into the valley – you’re sure to have lots of fun.

4. Backcountry skiing - powder snow, here I come

The best thing about winter is the fresh powder snow. The finest white dust up to you knees feels like paradise on earth. First of all, you have to first earn it though… The metres elevation gain from the ascent are worth every minute, every sharp bend and every bit of agony. Basic physical condition certainly helps on the ascent :)

The latest equipment is not much heavier than good mountain boots. Thus, the ascent is a bit more of a pleasure. We quickly put the skins on the skis and head uphill. In open terrain avalanche equipment is an absolute must. This consists of an avalanche transceiver, spade, probe and fully-charged mobile phone. Plus, find out beforehand about the current avalanche situation. Don’t forget that you should be vigilant in open terrain and it‘s no disgrace to turn back. Maybe, before you head off piste, you should take an avalanche course and practice using your equipment. It helps, when you practice tapping a rucksack or a person with your probe. At the top you can first of all enjoy the fabulous view, then there’s nothing in the way of the descent. Take the skins off your skis, drink a cup of tea and put on warm clothes. Then off you go. Powder snow, here I come!

5. Ice skating - fun for all ages

A welcome change to skiing is ice skating. The floodlit ice skating rink in Wagrain is particularly popular.

6. Horse-drawn sleigh rides - a journey back in time

Saphira and Stella, the two brown Noriker horses with cool manes, are ready. They pull the sleighs through the winter landscape. You’re wrapped up in warm blankets and you get a warming glass of schnaps from the sleigh driver. He knows lots of tales about the landscape and the history and culture of the area. And there’s plenty to tell about Kleinarl to the Jägersee Lake. A horse-drawn sleigh ride in Kleinarl is like a journey through the past to the present and back again.

7. Wasserwelt Wagrain Adventure Pool - winter wellness as it should be

Let the water flow! Children forget all about their tired legs from skiing straightaway, as they’re already heading off to the winged dragon water slide. In the meantime, parents can relax in the new sauna area. The sauna master will get your sweat up with his infusions. Your cold feet warm up after an active winter’s day and are ready for the next day out in the cold.The best thing is: admission to the Wasserwelt Wagrain is free of charge for 3 hourse for guests staying in Wagrain-Kleinarl.

What is your favourite sport off the slopes?
photo credits: Michael Gruber, Christian Schartner, Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus