30 years of world class musicians in Filzmoos

It all started "small", not in the sense of "small" in size, but with Mr. "Klein" (klein=small in German) - the "UNICEF Gala Initiator" from Germany.

Martha and Wasti Schörghofer+ from the Hotel Unterhof were voted "Hoteliers of the Year" by the magazine "Bunte" over 30 years ago. Amongst other things, they received an invitation to the UNICEF Gala in Hilden. There they met Heribert Klein. Spirited as Martha Schörghofer is, she immediately invited him to Filzmoos. Everything was recorded and sealed on a "beer mat" at a late hour. Often something is written on a beer mat in good humour, but not kept. Not so with Martha Schörghofer, she called Heribert Klein and said: when are you finally coming to visit us? And Heribert Klein actually came and brought the artist Little Willie Littlefield to Filzmoos. Little Willie Littlefield - known from "Kansas City" - performed for the first time 30 years ago at the Unterhofalm in Filzmoos. A complete success, everyone was thrilled.
That's why Mr Klein spends his holiday in Filzmoos every year and brings the most diverse artists from all over the world with him. By the way, the UNICEF Gala in Filzmoos has evolved from these concerts over the years. For this year's anniversary, there will be two concerts with an outstanding cast. The "youngsters" begin. Great musical talents from Germany, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and Austria will perform on Tuesday, 31.08.2021 at 7.30 pm in the Filzmooser Mützenhalle. Most of these talents were discovered on "Voice Kids" - Germany. We are particularly proud that a "Filzmoos young talent" is also among them. Chiara Schörghofer with her wonderful voice will represent Filzmoos at both concerts.
These concerts are presented by Heribert Klein. At the 1st concert he will be supported by our "Michi Kirchgasser" - ski world champion and dancing star from Filzmoos. The "pros" will have their turn on Wednesday, 1st September 2021. World stars from classical music, musicals and opera, as well as soul and jazz will perform in the Mützenhalle. I am looking forward to "Appassionante", the pop classic trio from Italy.
As a "Tina Turner fan" I am also very much looking forward to "Kristina Love" - USA, the leading actress of the musical "Tina" in Hamburg.
I know most of the artists from the Unicef Gala in Hilden – and I’m not exaggerating when I says  - it's a feast for your ears and eyes - I can only rave about them - be it Bonita Hyman, David Tobin, Jessica Mears, Dennis Legree, Sir Waldo Weathers or Winni Biermann the singing trucker from Germany - they are all fantastic.
Rafael Fingerlos from Mauterndorf (Lungau) will be there for the first time. A young artist who has already performed at the Salzburg Festival and the Vienna State Opera.  To my shame, I didn't know that there was such a great young baritone - just around the corner - in our neighbouring region of Lungau.
Stella Jones from the USA was known to me, but I didn't know that she too lives in Salzburger Land. You’ll be able to hear both of them in Filzmoos. The "youngsters" won't miss out as they perform again at the 2nd concert, partly in a duo with the "pros". John Florencio and Stephan Langenbach accompany the artists on the piano.

Have I whetted your appetite?  Then come to Filzmoos for the two UNICEF concerts. You’ll find a detailed programme here.The net proceeds of both concerts go to UNICEF.I hope to see you there!

You can find all further information about the Unicef Culture Week here.

photo credits: Heribert Klein, Filzmoos Tourismus, Theresa Pewal, Lorenz Masser