Ski touring coaching for beginners: first steps up the mountain

If you want to take your first steps on touring skis - in the truest sense of the word - you are in good hands at the ski touring coaching for beginners on Fridays at the valley station of the Rote 8 gondola in Wagrain.
Here, touring professionals show you the necessary basics in terms of technique, material and safety.
Of course, under the competent guidance of the ski touring instructors, what you have learned will be put into practice straight away. You will go up from the valley station to the middle station of the Rote 8er, so you will cover 260 metres in altitude during the coaching unit.
We can promise you one thing: You'll be really proud of yourself for mastering your first steps so well!
Learn "how" to ski touring from ground up and test the latest ski touring equipment in the process.

Ski touring coaching for advanced skiers: One step more

The ski touring fever has already caught you. However, you still want to improve your technique in order to be safe on steep slopes, when crossing pistes and in difficult snow conditions.
Then you are well advised to take one of the ski touring coaching courses for advanced skiers!
Under professional coaching, your movements will be trained, and you will also be introduced to the correct way of making kick turns, as these are essential for more demanding tours. Of course, you will also receive many important tips about ski touring.

The ski touring coaching for advanced skiers is conducted by a real "old hand" in touring sports:
Susi, sports scientist and training therapist, will support you with her expertise and experience.

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