The ultimate bike challenge by Roland Stauder in Austria!

123 km | 4500 Altitude meters

Here are the most important facts summarized for you in advance!

Logis | Partner

23 Logis-Partner entlang des Stoneman Taurista haben sich voll auf Mountainbiker eingestellt.

Ob in einem, zwei oder in drei Tagen – Du kannst für Dein Stoneman Mountainbike-Abenteuer in allen Orten ideal übernachten und abends in Dein Quartier zurückkehren.

If you want to stay overnight in one of our rustic huts along the route, then you have the contact details listed here. Please note, there is no luggage transport!

The stages/round is designed so that you do not necessarily have to spend the night along the route. You can also return to your booked accommodation after each daily stage.

You will receive the GPX data about 2 days before the start!

With pleasure the Stonman Taurista is mastered also with the E-Bike! Here you will find a list of e-charging stations along the route!

The season time of this year's Stoneman Taurista: 08.06. to the End of September.
Outside of this time, the route is closed, especially since there may already be snow and for the protection of wildlife!

There are two push and carry passages in the Stoneman Taurista course - one at Rossbrand and one in Obertauern. Sliding - carrying passage at Rossbrand: approx. 250 meters altitude difference, approx. 1.7 kilometers, total duration approx. 30 minutes.
Push, lift and carry passage in Obertauern: approx. 200 meters in altitude, Forstau Oberhütte to Seekarscharte 1/3 drive, 1/3 lift, 1/3 carry passage, total duration approx. 60 to 90 minutes.
This information is only an approximate guide! This depends on condition, ability and endurance! Please be careful with the e-bikes (weight)!

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